Argumentative Essay on Architecture Example

Example of essay on architecture. This is an argumentative essay that helps us understand the relationship between architecture and urbanism, as well as its importance in large cities.

Title of the essay: The relationship of architecture with urban planningEssay on Architecture

Type of essay: Argumentative essay

Length: 430 words

Theme: Architecture

When talking about architecture, topics such as the projection and design of constructions are touched, taking into account aesthetic aspects and prioritizing the use of good materials. However, at present, it is deeply linked to urban planning, which is based on the organization of cities according to the spaces available. Both concepts are usually used intrinsically, denoting their mutual importance to improve the living conditions of any community.

To clearly understand the relationship between architecture and urban planning, it is necessary to mention problems such as the rapid growth of the population, which brings with it a series of consequences for the environment. This must be offset by the construction of buildings and homes that consume less and less energy so that they do not generate waste that affects the already delicate stability of the planet.

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Although in theory, architects can propose models that provide this sustainability, an imbalance is inevitable. This is caused by the use of motor vehicles that use fossil fuels, both for the transport of people and products. The only way to face this reality is by radically changing the structure of cities. This is where urban planning comes in, looking for the best possible order for roads and public spaces that serve as a link between buildings.

On the other hand, urban planning allows the architecture to take full advantage of the territory covered by a city. This is very important because otherwise many families would not have a suitable place to live. This is the case in several underdeveloped countries, where the private interests of large companies undermine the security and dignity of the middle and lower class. Thus many people are forced to acquire poorly built houses and apartments, which soon begin to deteriorate.

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It is worth mentioning that the architecture within urban planning is often influenced by the economy and politics of a country. This is because not all societies have the same model, and there will be parameters that must be met to the letter. However, this should not interfere with the design and aesthetic appearance, but we will find cities saturated with monotonous buildings without any appeal. It is also necessary that there is a balance with the green areas, giving importance to the creation of parks and common spaces where people can relax, creating a sense of community. It is a challenge that is worth considering, and that can bring us closer to a better future.

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