Argumentative Essay on Communication Example

Sample essay on communication. This is an argumentative essay that informs us about the importance of communication and mastering more than one language to achieve greater work and academic success.

Title of the essay: “Communication and mastery of language”

Type of essay: Argumentative essayEssay on Communication

Length: 420 words

Topic: Communication

The nature of the human being motivates him to relate and interact with his peers, this makes interpersonal communication one of the most important aspects in the life of any person. Whether in the family, an educational center or meetings, the ability to transmit and interpret a message is essential for coexistence. The latter is called language, and in this essay, I will analyze it to understand its relevance in communication.

Through language people can understand the ideas and feelings that others express effectively, allowing them to communicate in different environments and situations. If there were no similar system, it would be impossible to exist in society, since the implementation of common projects and objectives would be hindered.

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In this way, there are several languages ​​depending on the country or region where you live, making it necessary to learn them if you want to start a conversation fluently.

As the process of globalization in recent decades has made significant progress, it is inevitable that people seek the best way to communicate, both to share information and to carry out transactions.

Clearly it would be very difficult to learn all the languages ​​present in the world, so it is convenient to choose the most used and, in turn, be accepted by the majority.

There is no doubt that English is currently the most popular language, something that can be evidenced in the number of web pages that use it. So it is quite useful to learn it so as not to be limited when looking for information, especially when it comes to scientific or technical material.

Otherwise, the individual would be choosing to live a reality mired in partial ignorance, as he could only access automatically translated pages, and would be unable to establish adequate communication with people who do not speak their language.

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English is used in virtually all areas of knowledge and it is essential for human development. Companies put it as a requirement when hiring new staff, and those who do not master it are at a clear disadvantage. It also represents the only way to be updated in real-time with technological advances and global political reality.

While in the academic field it is a requirement for obtaining degrees and certificates. It is a tool that should not be considered a luxury, but an obligation for professionals and anyone who wishes to communicate better in the world today.

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