Argumentative Essay on Motivation Example

Sample essay on motivation. This is an argumentative essay that tells us about the lack of motivation that young people present today and what we can do to solve it.

Title of the essay: “How to solve the lack of motivation in young people?”Essay on Motivaion

Type of essay: Argumentative essay

Length: 425 words

Topic: Motivation

Today many young people suffer problems to feel motivated. This situation prevents them from reaching their full potential, and they prefer to settle for mediocre jobs or unhealthy relationships. This reality is due to many factors, both personal and social, making it necessary to analyze its causes and implications to find a practical and effective solution.

First, it is essential that parents have ruled out the possibility of psychological disorders that are affecting the emotional stability of their children. Unfortunately, we still live in a society where diseases such as depression are often downplayed, this causes many people to grow up thinking that it is normal to feel sad or down for no reason, a situation that becomes more common during adolescence. In this way, they develop low self-esteem that affects decision making, showing a lack of motivation in different aspects of their lives. In these cases, the only alternative is to follow a treatment based on pills, which is usually complemented by behavioral therapies.

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On the other hand, family problems are one of the main reasons for young people not to feel motivated. This is because they do not have a healthy environment when they return home, causing negative thoughts to appear. However, it should be mentioned that this same situation has different long-term effects. There are young people looking to get ahead at all costs, just to leave behind a past full of dissatisfactions. This contrast is the result of the intervention of external factors, such as friends, teachers or even the educational system.

Regardless of family and society’s influence, young people must act according to their own convictions and desires. Otherwise, pictures of rebellion and intolerance can occur. In this regard, it is necessary to highlight the presence of values, since all people are obliged to respect their peers.

To overcome demotivation it is very important that personal goals are established. In addition, young people should accompany them with prizes or incentives that help create a sense of hope. One way to facilitate this process is to set objectives based on the abilities and skills that are available. Finally, it is never advisable to devalue an achievement that has been achieved, however, it is advisable to recognize the effort invested and feel proud. Failures, which are always possible, represent small obstacles that allow us to learn from mistakes and improve as a person. This attitude is part of positive thinking, which has proven to be one of the best resources to overcome apathy.

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