Argumentative Essay on School Uniforms

As the quote goes “Different is good, and being different is what makes us stand out in the world”. Some people want to follow others as they are too afraid to be themselves and lead people whilst some wants to be themselves and show what they are capable of and want to become a leader to lead the world for betterment. Everyone is different from other and for good reasons. Now you must be wondering why am I talking about being different and all in an argumentative essay on school uniforms well they both actually relates and as school uniforms had been an issue for a very long time. Everything has its pros and cons and I believe; the cons are exceeding the pros in wearing school uniforms.

Now, the schools are for providing knowledge to children, make them capable of doing things, expand their minds and bring out the creativity that they might have. But it may not happen as schools are forcing on children to wear uniforms. Wearing school uniforms is regular there is nothing special about it, I consider it to be some kind of advertising of the school and that is all it expresses. Children are the future, they are the master minders of tomorrow, they need to be creative and should enjoy being themselves, schools should allow their students to wear whatever they want that is not inappropriate. It is not just about uniform it is about one’s individuality, schools are making policies about wearing proper uniform which is not even necessary it is only being a hinderance for children to express their freedom, they should be dressed in a way they wish to, even I hated wearing uniform in my school days as it made me uncomfortable and the most important of them all it made me similar to others.

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By letting children wear as they wish, schools will only make them better in decision making which is as important as school’s home works and projects. Schools have made it mandatory to wear uniforms, it is one of the ways to make more money, they have a little shop where you can get a uniform in every size so the parents don’t have to buy it from somewhere else. Well this is just pathetic to rob the parents this is not the way to teach children. Of course, there are some pros of wearing uniform too like it shows responsibility, more focus on education and saves time to what should I wear today however it is also preparing children for university and office environment, employees and students in university do not wear uniforms but they do their work effectively. Schools are literally mugging parents and it is most difficult for the ones who can not even afford, it is already hard for some parents to send their children to school let alone buy extra stuff which is totally unreasonable.

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Schools can easily replace uniforms if they want to they are just not willing to do it for selfish reasons but if they are ready to replace the uniforms by allowing children to wear whatever they wish to then the children will absolutely have some positive effect and surely it would have pros exceeding the cons. Every kid should look different from other, end being ordinary and be more comfortable.

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