Argumentative Essay on Teaching Example

Example of essay on teaching. This is an argumentative essay that shows us the importance of teaching methods and techniques in higher education.

Title of the essay: “The importance of teaching in institutes and universities”

Type of essay: Argumentative essay

Length: 459 words

Topic: Education

Each stage of education involves different factors that affect both students and teachers. If we add to this the introduction of new technologies and trends, we find that the learning process becomes increasingly complex. Thus, in the case of institutes and universities, it is necessary to recognize which are the social and pedagogical variables that are involved, allowing clear objectives to be established. Didactics is dedicated to this, through the use of different teaching techniques and methods.

The specificity mentioned above is essential to achieve the educational objectives that have been raised, which are part of each study center and the school programs they have. This can be verified in the plans prepared by teachers, who seek to organize and manage in the classroom adequate education. Here aspects such as your experience and available resources should be considered, making this process a simple task.

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All this makes it necessary for teachers to develop didactic knowledge, adapting their skills and dexterity to the requirements of higher education. Not only do they have to take into account the theoretical and practical aspect, but focus on their cognitive and social skills. Likewise, they must be people who exalt ethics and moral values, so that they can transmit these same convictions to their students. The use of intuition along with common sense is also helpful.

In the universities and technical institutes, there are certain variables that require different teaching than basic education. This is due to the fact that the majority of students are adults and young people who seek to integrate into the labor sector or be trained to achieve a better position in their work. In this way, it is possible to consider the experiences they have previously had, as well as their motivations and what they hope to achieve on a personal and professional level.

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To establish the best approaches and methods, which allow articulating an effective pedagogical project, it is essential that the didactic proposal meets the requirements of each career and curriculum. This involves a series of challenges, which are usually related to socio-economic factors, new market demands, and the hiring criteria of large companies.

In conclusion, the only way to face the reality we live in today is by carrying out various adjustments in the education system, this being an obligation of each government. While institutes and universities should prioritize the evaluation of their teachers, to ensure that they are up to date on the teaching techniques and methods that make up the teaching. Not only is it a valuable tool for education, but it is an essential discipline for the proper development of students.

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