Baby Thesis introduction sample

Baby thesis introduction is the most important section of a thesis as it is the opening section of any baby thesis and it eventually decides if the reader will continue to read that thesis or not. If the opening of a research article is appealing, the reader will continue to read it until the end but if the introductory section is not pleasing, the reader will choose to leave it and switch to some other article. Introduction of a baby thesis should be quite engaging so that reader is compelled not to leave the research and it should grab the reader until the very end.

Thesis Introduction Sample

Baby thesis introduction sample:

To highlight the importance of a baby thesis introduction, Baby thesis introduction sample is given to provide guidance to the new researchers so that it may be helpful in writing an interesting and appealing introduction of their baby thesis.

For a research article with the topic of “Child Development, Parenting, and Culture” the opening section of the introduction may be: “Parenting style has a strong impact on the development of a child (Bornstein, 2003). It is also proved by different researchers that parenting style and different techniques of parenting usually forecast and predict the educational, intellectual, and emotional variations in the children (Steinberg, Elmen, & Mounts, 1989). The way in which parents bring up their children and their parenting behavior has a great impact on children’s future practices and patterns of their lives. However, some other researchers illustrate that influence of parenting style on children varies along with the variation of culture and status of the family (Frankel & Roar-Bornstein, 1982). The specific purpose of the current study is to scrutinize that impact of parenting style and culture on child development especially by focusing on first generation colonizer from African Diaspora. This study is specifically focused on the relation of parenting style and children development of Somalian immigrants.”

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In the above paragraph, it can be noted that any of the stated statement is not too much general. Moreover, all the statements written in the opening paragraph are empirical as they are adopted from the researches of some other researchers and all the published researches are made through proper procedure of making an article, test and analysis so none of them is just an opinion of some writer but it can be explained with proper logic and reasons. Most significantly, every statement includes a citation so that its source can be accessed at any time in the future. Proper citation and referencing of a baby thesis tends to increase its credibility.

Moving forward in the introductory section of the opening paragraph, statements are generalized gradually to make a clear sense of your research topic and a better understanding of the research. Furthermore, another important thing to be noticed in the opening paragraph is the inclusion of two contrasting statements. So this is the point which makes it obvious that there is a room for more research. If already a solitary point of view has been discussed by all the previous researchers and all of them prove the same viewpoint about the relation of two variables, then it leaves no room for more research. A topic is only worthy of research in case different perspective and different opinions of researchers are present. So now the researcher has to find out which of the viewpoint is proved to be factual by this new research by using new sample and methodology.

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It has been discussed already that opening or the introductory portion of the baby thesis has literally two main purposes:

To give a brief outline of the whole baby thesis that why it has been written, what is the purpose of the research and which points the reader will be able to understand by reading the whole baby thesis. So introduction section leaves a sudden and overall impression of the complete research, from problem statement to the end results. This is the crucial point from where the interest of a reader is created to read it thoroughly in order to investigate the methodology and whole research process and find out the results. This is the second purpose of the introduction portion as well to create the interest of the reader in reading the whole baby thesis.

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