Cover Letter Writing – Samples and Examples

How to write a cover letter. Samples and examples.

The curriculum vitae must always be accompanied by a cover letter.

The fundamental objective of the cover letter is twofold:

1) On the one hand, it intends to arouse the interest of those who are going to receive, so that they read your curriculum vitae with the attention it deserves.

2) On the other, it highlights the specific data of your resume, which makes you the right person for that position.

Let us know some fundamental points to consider when writing a cover letter, as well as some examples of letters:

Tips for writing a cover letter

Do not repeat what you will subsequently develop in the curriculum. Yes, you can use the Cover Letter to highlight the aspects or qualities that best fit the requirements of the position.

Avoid an excessively effusive tone, both in the greeting and in the interest expressed by the position.

It is convenient to direct it to a specific person and avoid generic recipients.

It is important to point out two or three significant characteristics or strengths for which we believe it would be beneficial for the company to hire us.

The structure of the letter includes a beginning, (indicating why it is addressed to the company), a reference to its strengths and interest in the company, a reference to the attached curriculum, and finally to be available to the company (for subsequent contacts, interviews, etc).

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Forget about typewriters: The cover letter must always be written with a computer.

It is convenient to send a letter and curriculum without making too many folds on the paper.

Say goodbye without too much fuss and personally sign the letter.


Sample Cover Letters

Cover Letter – Example No. 1

Barcelona, ​​March 24, 2001

For the attention of
Selection, SA
C / Madrid, 365

Subject: Ref .: AB / 456

With reference to your announcement about the offer that you make for a management position and processing of customer orders, I present my own candidacy.

With this letter I send you my curriculum and I am at your disposal for any further information.


Juan Garcia

Attached: curriculum.


Cover Letter – Sample No. 2

Of my greatest consideration:

With reference to your ad that appeared in the ABC newspaper, on May 25 of this year, I enclose I send my curriculum vitae, as well as the requested photograph.

Given my training in the accounting area, as well as the experience acquired, I consider that I am eligible to properly perform the position offered.

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I remain at your disposal to expand the information you deem necessary.

Waiting for your news, say goodbye carefully,

Julio Perez


Cover Letter – Sample No. 3

Dear Sirs:

In relation to the offer for Graduates in Biology, published in the newspaper Information last June 9, I am pleased to send you my curriculum vitae with the objective of participating in the selection process.

As you can see in it, I have a degree in Biology in the specialty of Biotechnology, and I have also completed a specialist course in clinical analysis.

For these reasons, I would like you to consider my candidacy in the selection you are calling.

Without another particular,


Julio Perez


Cover Letter – Self-Candidacy – Examples

Zaragoza, March 10, 2001

Mr. Emilio Sanchez
Director of Administration
Polygon Gamma

Dear Mr. Sanchez,

Recently I have obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Economic Sciences at the University of my Barcelona and I am interested in working in the Administration of a company in Zaragoza; I have the theoretical knowledge of economic laws and I have a great interest in the administrative and financial management of a commercial holding.

I have had the opportunity to read in the press the recent merger of your company with the RAMA group and I would like to present my candidacy in case you have planned to strengthen your financial department.

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I would be grateful if you would grant me an interview in the course of ……………. in which I would like to present my curriculum.

Awaiting your response, he greets you,

Jose Ros


Salamanca, March 8, 2001

Ms. Luisa Rincon
Personnel Selection Department
C / Unamuno, 123

Dear Lady:

I have learned that the DELTA company opens a branch in Germany and that its expansion projects also plan to open to other European countries.

I send my resume in case your company planned to strengthen the structure of the Commercial Department with a secretary. I have specific experience of two years in such a position and a good knowledge of German, which I have studied since I was 10 years old.

I am a methodical and orderly person, accustomed to working autonomously and I have a great capacity for personal relationships. I would be glad to provide you with any other information that you specify if you are willing to grant me an interview.


Lucia Port

Attached curriculum

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