Essay on Birds

Birds are referred as a group of animals that have the ability to fly. Birds are the animals that are most beautiful creatures that God has made with different characteristics and colors who fly high in the sky. It gives us the idea of the creator of the world just by looking at the birds and their wings that were given to give to fly.

God also made some birds who do not have wings such as penguin, ostrich, kiwi or kakapo. They do not have the ability to fly but they still come in the category of birds. These birds are short and inflexible which is why they can not be used for flying.

Birds have feathers all over their bodies meanwhile their feet do not have feathers instead their feet have scales. They have compound eyes and they live in nests made by themselves, but some birds do not make their nests or live in one.

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There are also some animals that come in bird’s category but their live-in water. They are varied group of birds and most of them are exclusive to fresh water only and they include rivers, lake and dams. These birds are ducks, geese, swans, pelicans, cranes etc.

Then there are some birds who loves to sing and they include cuckoo, the swallow, the skylark and the most famous bird that everyone would have heard about is the nightingale. A peacock is also a bird and considered to be the most beautiful bird from all with beautiful and colorful feathers but a peacock does not fly very high from the ground.

Birds sizes are very different. They vary from minimum 2 inches to the maximum of 2.75 meters. The smallest bird we have is Bee Hummingbird and the largest bird is considered to be an Ostrich.

Birds are fairly intuitive about the weather that is going to come way before the weather comes itself which is why we see the birds looking for shelter way before we even know that it may rain someday as compared to the instrument’s humans have made to detect weather.

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In ancient history birds were used as a messenger to send messages to people who are far away, they were trained that way. Also, birds also alerted the people in case of any danger that may come soon in the ancient times and were also used in wars to call for help from the neighboring cities.

I personally find birds very beautiful creatures created by our God and they should be preserved. I have seen people who hunt the birds as their hobby which is quite disturbing to even hear, so people should avoid birds hunting just for fun.

Some of the birds have gone extinct because of the hunting that occurred through out the early ages. Also, because of the pollutants and poisonous chemicals that are released in the ocean or river, birds like swans are also being extinct. Therefore, we as human being should be careful about what we do and show some humanity towards every living being on this earth.

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