Essay on Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter is an international social movement that was formed fight racism and stop the violence on black people and it focused on the police brutality towards black people. The name itself refers to the condemnation of the black people that got killed by the police unjustly and it demands that the society should value the lives of black people as much as they value white people lives.

Large and influential protests were held all over the United States and countries all across the world supported them with their very own protests. Many more campaigns and programs are organized by the local activists supporting Black Live Matter.

It was officially formed in 2013 when Trayvon Martin who was just a black teenager was killed innocently by a man in 2012 just because they got into an argument. What actually happened was that George Zimmerman who was volunteering in the neighborhood saw the boy walking through the streets and thought he was “suspicious”, so he reported it to the police.

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The police instructed the man not to take any actions but he still followed the boy and eventually got in an argument with him which led him to shoot the boy on the spot. He was arrested after weeks but after a year he claimed that it was an act of self-defense when the boy only had a can of iced tea and candy with him which led the people to protests against it across the US.

This movement was further expanded when innocent black men, George Floyd, Eric Garner and Michael Brown and many more, were killed by the police. Michael Brown was also just a teenager and he was shot and killed by the police officer in Missouri, it is said that his body was unattended for hours which ignited a massive protest throughout the country.

George Floyd was killed when three police officers pinned him beneath them which caused him to unable to breath and died on the spot which means that he was choked on the street when the police officer put his knee on his throat for at least 8 and a half minutes.

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There was debate about the time the officer pinned him for but then Jamar Nelson said “It makes no difference, the bottom line is, it was long enough to kill him, long enough to execute him”.

Some people still say “why is it always about race” or “why can’t you get over it” but what they don’t know is the true meaning behind this monument. This movement revolves around the lives that people lost without any valid reason and for the next generation and their right to live not worrying about the way they look and what color they are.

There we a lot more people that were killed just because they were black including Freddie Gray, Philando Castile, Sandra Bland, Walter Scott and many much more.

Black people have been denied their fundamental basic human rights, justice and freedom. Black Lives Matter doesn’t mean that their lives are more important than the other, it means that the oppressed have the right to live freely.

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