Essay on Christianity

Christianity is a religion that follows the teachings of Hazrat Isa (AS) or Jesus, who Christians consider as the Son of God and this religion is followed by over 2.4 billion followers as of last year. According to Christians Jesus was hanged on a cross which explains the logo they have of Jesus and worships Him.

The Christians are divided into four types. The first one is catholic group that has about 1.3 billion believers that can be calculated as over 50% of the Christians population, Catholics are said to be the largest population and we can see that by looking at the percentage of believers.

Second there is Protestantism who has 900 million followers and believers which can be calculated as over 37% of the Christian population and that adds up to us that Protestantism is the second largest population in Christians.

Then on third we have eastern church Christians and they have 240 million of the Christian population and the people who believe in their faith.

At last we have oral orthodoxy who have 62 million people who follows their faith and believes in them and this can be calculated as over 12% of the total population that Christians has. This group has the minimum number of believers and followers.

There is also west Christianity that rules on about 70% of the population and people who follow them are called as Christians. This religion has grown a lot in Asia and Africa. Their belief is that the God has sent his Son as a messenger in this world to save the world. they believe that there is only one God the there is the Son of the God and lastly there is the holy spirit.

Christianity revolves around the life of Jesus, death of Jesus and the resurrection of Jesus. They believe that Jesus was crucified on a cross to forgive the sins of humanity but he was resurrected on the third day of his death and was ascended to the Heaven. They also believe that he would return to the world some time.

The Christian follow a book that was provided to Jesus and is called as Holy Bible. It contains all the teachings of Jesus that he taught the people of His time. It also contains all the teachings of some prophets, and how the world was created and even the creation of Hazrat Adam (AS), it teaches Christians on how to spend their lives accordingly.

The Holy Bible contains two testaments, the Old Testament and the New Testament. The majority of Christians and Jews follow the old testament and only some of the Christians follow the new testament. The old testament contains all the details about the prophets, history of Jews and some specific laws are also written in it, it is referred as Judaism. The new testament was written after Jesus was crucified.

The Christians slogan is a cross as Jesus was crucified on a cross. Christians also celebrates two main festivals and they Christmas that is the celebration of Jesus birth and Easter that is the day of resurrection of Jesus.

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