Essay on Covid’19

Covid’19 pandemic has affected every single person in this world. This is the greatest challenge people are facing for almost 2 years now. The symptoms for this disease are fever, coughing, hard to breath and body pain, it can also lead to pneumonia. It has not only affected people but it is also affecting us socially, economically and politically, I am afraid covid’19 is going to leave deep scars on everyone’s life.

Every country is trying their best to control the spreading of corona virus by having lockdowns, decrease of traveling, quarantining people, keeping people in isolation who have any symptoms of the virus, cancellation of weddings, closing educational systems, they are doing everything they can just to avoid the spread of covid’19 and losing large number of people to it. Covid’19 has affected every country with it’s claws except Antarctica, there is not even a single case over there.

People are losing their jobs and any source of income to covid’19, having no idea when everything would go back how it used to be. It has been estimated that we are going to lose 25 million jobs because of this virus. The poor people are affected by it the most, they worked in the industries to make a living but with the whole shutdowns they have no way to put food in front of their families. If not for corona virus they are going to die of hunger.

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It is hard to lose a job or any source of income because of covid’19 but it would be harder if you lose your life to covid’19. Therefore, everyone should take precautions to avoid being affected by it. The precautions that we can take are washing your hands thoroughly, keep distance socially, wear a mask everywhere you go and have hand sanitizer with you every time of every day.

Due to covid’19, healthcare systems are also suffering because they can not focus on the patients suffering from different diseases than covid’19, it is a great burden on our doctors who are risking their life to take care of the covid’19 patients. It is very challenging for them to manage everything these days because of the increase in patients, quarantined patients, suspected patients and maintaining the quality of healthcare.

Even after everything going on because of covid’19, we see people in the markets not caring anything about the corona virus and roaming around with no precautions what so ever. They have no sense of care for themselves or other people when they are roaming around with no mask on in crowded places, there shouldn’t even be crowded places these days as everyone should keep a safe distance from each other.

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There have been 194 million cases in the whole world and 4.16 deaths have happened, that’s a pretty big number and there are about 1 million cases of covid’19 in Pakistan, 23 thousand deaths and only 9 thousand patients have recovered from it. People are underestimating the seriousness of the situation and are taking it very lightly. Everyone should take it seriously and take every precaution they can to save themselves and others from covid’19.

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