Essay on Father

Fathers are the most unappreciated human beings on this planet. Everyone talks about mother’s love, Mother’s Day or mother’s sacrifices in movies, shows, news and dramas but we seem to ignore the father’s love and his strength.

Fathers are a blessing that many people do not have in their lives anymore and they are the people who appreciate the fatherly love more than the people who have their fathers in their lives. It would not be true if I say that every father is an ideal person for their children but I can speak about my father and clearly is the ideal person in my life.

A father is the one who takes responsibility of everything in the house to provide a better life for their children. It is both father’s and mother’s responsibility to provide a good upbringing to their children, they both are responsible for their upbringing.

Father is the pillar of the home, he is strength of any household, he shows courage is difficult times while a mother is soft hearted and deals with the problems emotionally. They both are the perfect combination as life depends on both and both are needed in everyone’s life. Fathers are sometimes firm with their children but that is for their own benefit and they realize when they themselves become parents.

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My father is my hero even though we do not get to spend a lot of time with each other because he is out in the world working his days away just so he could provide for his family, but I still love him because I know that whenever I would need him he is going to be there for me no matter where he is or what he is doing, he is going to support me.

Throughout my childhood I have seen my father providing for everyone, his parents, his sisters, his brothers, and even their children and the list does not even end there, I have seen my father helping even the far away relatives that we do not even know properly.

That is what makes me respect my father all the more because even though he did not spend much time with us but he educated us through his actions and that can never be underestimated because that holds a great power in itself.

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Moreover, he always supported and motivated me in my choice of career. He provided me and my siblings with best education, he never treated us harshly that made me want to give hum everything he desires. I hope one day I would be able to provide for my father and support him as much as he has.

I owe everything I have achieved to my father, he inspired me and encouraged me whenever I could not see a better future. He is a very important person in the whole family, if not for him we would not be where we are standing now. Maybe one day I can be the same person like my father to my family.

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