Essay on Fears

Fear means being afraid of something or panic over some anticipated situation. It is an unpleasant feeling that something bad or dangerous might happen. When you fear something, your heart pounds like it might explode, body muscles get tensed, unusual feeling in chest, high pulse rate, dry throat and a person may feel many more symptoms like these.

Everyone feels fear in their life at some point though it is handled by every individual person differently. Some do not involve themselves anywhere where they feel that they might get uneasy or something is going to happen and in that state of fear they flee from that situation, then there are other people who tries to face their fear and overcome them one by one.

Fear can be felt in many different situations. The most common fears of children are animals, thunder, demons, strangers or dark places while the adult fears may sometimes be similar to children but are completely different, they are afraid of withdrawal of love, unemployment, old age, retirement, flights and many others.

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Soon these fears turn into phobias when it becomes irrational, they are afraid of water, ghosts, bugs, and even people. Children when they break something at home they try their best to hide that thing just so their parents do not find out about this, it is fear that makes them do that because they know their parents might scold them or worse punish them.

Everyone have fears, even I have and had some fears and the main one was that I have always been afraid of heights. Whenever I was somewhere high I would freak out and leave, my classes were always on 2nd floor and I would never sit near the window. I overcame it when I had to sit on a plane for 3 hours, on a window seat and had nobody to exchange it with, I then realized how beautiful every single thing looks from up above.

Now my biggest fear is bullying, it sets me in a panic mode when I think about kids being bullied on daily basis in their schools just because of their looks, class, color or even the way they talk and walk. My nephew used to come home everyday crying his eyes out saying he never want to go there ever again. No child should be coming home on a daily basis like this completely emotionally battered, it made me feel sick that I had to sit and hold him daily telling him that he’s not worthless.

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Kids should never feel anxious at the thought of going to school, they should feel the excitement and happiness that they are going to meet their friends and learn something from school today. Adults always say that “be kind” but they forget to teach the same thing to their children.

Everyone should always overcome their fears, not just sit there and do nothing about it. Face your fears, it might not be the easiest thing to do but may be something that you have to do.

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