Argumentative Essay on Homophobia

Example of essay on homophobia. This is an argumentative essay that shows us an analysis of homophobia and the need to carry out actions to eradicate its presence in today’s world.

Essay title: What is homophobia and why should it be eradicated?

Type of essay: Argumentative essayHomophobia has a Cure

Length: 430 words

Topic: Homophobia

Homophobia is one of the most common forms of discrimination in the world today. In this way, in many countries, the rights of many people are denied, displacing their dignity and actively promoting cases of violence. To understand this reality, it is necessary to understand that homosexuality only represents sexual and/or romantic attraction towards another member of the same gender, while homophobia is a problem that must be analyzed objectively.

This type of discrimination starts from several unjustified stigmas, which result in a series of prejudices and stereotypes that over the years have been established in different cultures. All this has as a consequence that the life expectancy of millions of people is reduced since their fundamental rights are violated and they can not access many basic services.

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On the other hand, it is important to understand that homophobia ends up strengthening concepts such as intolerance and inequality. The population that maintains this aversion prefers to completely deny diversity, facilitating to large extent cases where abuses of authority occur; on the part of the police, private forces and even as a consequence of the mismanagement of a certain government.

All this brings about family breakdown because the same media condemn homosexuality and promote hatred between people. Here we find laws that only protect the heterosexual population, often backed by religious beliefs that predominate in some countries. In this way, inequality becomes considered normal, creating an environment where there is a false sense of superiority.

The abuse that are caused by homophobia is manifested by the fear of the difference since from an early age traditional concepts are taught that have a negative effect on the fragile social fabric. No form of discrimination is admissible, because it is about denying the dignity of the human being, creating a fertile environment for violence and attacking democracy.

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Although there is no doubt that homophobia is a complex issue, this makes it necessary for each government to seek effective solutions to counteract and progressively eradicate its presence. The exclusion and denial of rights for sexual diversity must be openly discussed topics, with the aim of promoting a dignified treatment for those who suffer its consequences. It is also essential to carry out awareness campaigns so that parents and new generations learn that the only way to coexist in society is through equal treatment, regardless of sexual preferences.


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