Essay on Mother’s Day

Mother is the one whose love is unconditional, she never asks anything in return of her love for her children. There is no other creature in this world who’s love can be compared to a mother. She tries her best to protect her children from any harm or danger. She stands by their side no matter what situation, she never judges her children and help them however way she can. She teaches her children everything she can and tries her best to be their friend so they can share everything with her without any hesitation. She sacrifices her everything for her kids, be it her dreams, her rest, her sleep and even her life. No one is capable of making all those sacrifices that a mother does.

Mothers carries her child in her womb for nine whole months and loves them unconditionally without even meeting them, she takes care of them and protect them from any danger that may occur in her womb. She recognizes every little thing her child would do since the moment her baby is born, she loves every moment with her baby, may it be the time when she has to wake up in the middle of night to feed them. They deserve everything that the world and beyond has to offer. Therefore, we celebrate the Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of may to thank our mothers and show them that we appreciate them and love them unconditionally too.

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Mother’s Day is the one day where mothers get to take rest and be pampered by her children. Kids do all sorts of things for their mother on that day to make her happy and feel loved. They get cake and gifts for her, make cards on their own, do her chores with the help of their father and do everything they can to see the happiness on her face as she cherishes these moments. This day is all about being thankful to God that gave this wonderful mother to them in their life.

Schools organizes events for Mother’s Day to honor the mothers of the world. Every kid rehears for this day for a week or two to surprise their mothers on this special day. Kids act and play at this event to show their mothers that they mean a lot them. In my perspective, even if we just verbally wish our mothers a Mother’s Day they would still be immensely happy for this act, that’s how simple and loving mothers are.

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Mothers give up everything they can for their kids therefore, they deserve the recognition for their daily work and upbringing of her kids and wants nothing but her kids’ good future in return. Nothing can replace her at any cost, she deserves to be showered with a lot of love and care everyday not just on Mother’s Day as celebrating it once a year for a day is not enough to thank her for every single thing she sacrificed in her life for them.

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