Essay on Police Brutality

The world that we live in is sadly arranged according to race, status, culture, sexuality, color, looks and gender. People with higher hierarchy are treated better compared to people who lack those things in their lives. This is considered to be structural violence where some type of people are treated better than some people based on their characteristics.

Police brutality has many meanings, while some people think that police brutality is only when a person is hurt or killed when getting arrested but that is not exactly or completely true. Police brutality comes in many forms, it can either actually be an excessive use of physical force or it can come as some sort of verbal abuse or intimidation.

Police brutality can be seen all over the world in many countries on the news channels who focuses only on some main cases like these. Some forms of police brutality can be seen on people who are either poor, weak or the elders which involves sexual abuse, police corruption, racial issues and false arrests.

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There are most of the police brutality cases that are linked to racism. We have many cases where black people were killed by the police officers without any valid reasons. Police are allowed to use force on the suspects and also while protecting themselves but even in that case they are allowed to use reasonable amount of force so as to not hurt them severely.

But it has been seen that the force used against the black people were not controlled but it was the case of using excessive amount of physical force to intentionally hurt them. These cases were filmed on a camera and it is clear for everyone around the world to see.

Police targets the people who are poor, weak, women, elders and mostly black people. Black people are always pulled over by the police officers for no reason that just them being black and the false assumption of them being involved in drugs or are traffickers which is absurd as it is proven that the most people involved in this are whites.

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Police assume that black people are the most likely to commit crimes compared to whites which is the reason why black people face police brutalities more than the whites. White people getting on police’s suspicion is very rare to find because of that. This has become so common that people are not even shocked if something like this happens to some black people.

I am just going to leave this example about police brutality in the end, it has been stated by Zabrina that there was pizza man who was heading home and he was pulled over because they thought he might be a suspect of another incident. The officers yelled at him to step out of the car but the man was deaf and could not hear the orders.

Some minutes later the officers fired with beanbag shotguns which broke the back windows of his truck, hitting him in torso, stomach and legs as he tried to save himself and he kept yelling that he was deaf but the officers ignored his pleads.

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