Essay on School Uniform

School Uniforms should be mandatory in schools. Some countries allow their students to wear whatever they feel like wearing as long as it is appropriate dressing and some do not allow their students to wear anything besides school uniforms both have different perspective and there is nothing wrong with it. But by allowing students to wear what they wish to can enhance some problems and some advantages as well and vice versa.

Students wearing home clothes is fine they will feel comfortable and relax but we do not want to let them feel too comfortable furthermore wearing home clothes can create discrimination between students as some of them can not afford nice and expensive clothes as some might do and that can lead to some serious bullying as well.

Wearing school uniforms can be helpful for students to maintain strictness and act in the same manner without violating school discipline and without effecting their skills and creativity. Everyone wearing school uniform will make students feel united and there will be less distraction for students and make them their learning and studies the first most priority than fashion competition, teasing and bullying and so on.

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Students feel stressed, thinking what they are going to wear every morning and waste plenty of time deciding that. Wearing school uniforms will eliminate discrimination, poor students will not feel ashamed of not wearing branded clothes and competing with other students. Students are not so mature about these stuffs but they should be taught in schools to not bully and judge other students on the basis of their dressing and the way they feel about themselves.

Also, it will motivate the students to judge other students on the basis of their personality and skills rather than how they dress themselves. Parents also feel relaxed who can not afford new clothes daily for their child to look stylish and fashionable and they are happy to send their children to schools in proper uniforms. Wearing same clothes will promote equality and put students focus more on their homework, studies and their goals that are yet to be achieved.

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But now students rather than focusing on their ambitions, goals, studies and learning they are misspending their time on impressing other students so that they can feel like one of them or superior to them or they  just simply want to show off their styles which automatically lead to impressing others and making other students feel low and putting down their self-esteem which is not acceptable for a student to behave like this especially in schools where parents send their children to learn and become a better person.

Taking everything into account, wearing school uniforms presents you in a more formal way, it does not make any sense why students should not wear uniforms in schools it does not affect students learning it just shows the identity, discipline and formal way of the institute. Besides it expands the safety of the students, abolishes bullying and pressure for both parents and students.


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