Essay on Slaves

Slaves are people who are bought and sold like they are some kind of objects but they are forced to work for the other people too which is as disturbing as it sounds. It has been happening since the ancient times when rich ruled over the poor or whites ruled over the black, it’s not the case now but some remnants are still left behind to this very day.

Slavery is not just about physical slavery but sexual slavery too, it is also called as modern type of slavery nowadays. Women are getting kidnapped and sold everyday to the people who are sex addicts and have very sick minds, human trafficking and sex trafficking is illegal but sadly it happens commonly these days and no one ever talk about it or do something about it to stop this messed up thing.

Women are getting sold for their bodies and no one cares. It is not just about women but about young boys and girls too, they are sold to people who keep them as sex slaves to satisfy their sick needs. It does great damage to people’s minds to even think about what they have to go through, but still we don’t have a way to stop this heinous act of pure evil people.

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There is another type of slavery that is very common and that is superiority of white people over black people. It has been stated to be illegal but people still carry the scars they have on hearts and minds. It is racism that brought slavery to this world. it has ruined hundreds and thousands of innocent people lives that can never be repaid.

All people are born as an equal, there is no racism in Islam. There should not be people who cry everyday thinking what they have to go through today just because they were born with a different color. Slavery has instilled fear in people that no one can remove, they are not supposed to be judged but should be supported so they feel confident.

Slavery never did any good to the people ever, it has only brought pain in people’s lives. There is a greatest need to overcome slavery regardless of race, religion, culture, higher or lower position. This world was made for every human being and we have no right to say anything else. Every single person has the right to live freely in this world without any criticism.

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Allah has forbidden racism and slavery all those years ago, even Allah rewards a person greatly who frees a slave from its master and that is the beautiful thing about Islam that there is no one who is said to be greater than the other just because of their color, religion, money or culture.

Slavery has no benefits what so ever, it has only brought us the unnecessary tag of people. We all should unite and stand against slavery and racism to make this world a better place for the people who has suffered through this and save people who are going to suffer if not stopped right about now.

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