Essay on Water

Water is colorless, tasteless, and scentless but it plays the most important part for living beings both humans and animals, even though it does not contain any nutrients or anything but it is beneficial for other many reasons. 70.9% of earth’s surface is covered by water mainly in ocean and seas. When we come to think about it, water has many several ways of use for instance it is the basic need of living being, important for day to day functioning, used for washing clothes and dishes, it is also for entertainment purposes such as swimming, boating, surfing and what not. Water is covering majority of the earth but not all of that water is healthy and for consumption.

Majority of the water consumed by humans goes to industrial and agriculture it requires a lot of water and farmers lives are depending on it. Our day to day life requires plenty of water too we cannot just ignore that fact, another fact is that we cannot survive in this world without water not only because it is the need of our body but it has also become a part of our life seeing that we need it for drinking, washing clothes, dishes, for cleaning our body, to water the plants as they are also living things and many more as not all of that can be listed.

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We need water consistently and we know that what role water plays in our daily life but people need to realize that even if 70% of earth is covered with water and not all of that can be consumed and the fact that water became scarce now. Every drop of water is valuable, people need to stop wasting water and start showing some care.

Some of the ways that can save water from hitting scarcity is people should start rainwater harvesting which will also be beneficial like less cost and will also lessen the water bills another way of saving water is by switching to buckets instead of showers, people do not intentionally turn off their taps while shampooing, brushing their teeth and while doing dishes or clothes. By switching to buckets you will save plenty of water from wasting, this method was also used by our forefathers but as the world has become so modern people prefer getting showers for bath rather than buckets.

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Another thing which is debatable and ought to be settled is that there are some places that requires water but does not get it, some of them are dying and some are weak due to dehydration, vomiting, kidney fail and it all causes due to lack of water in their bodies, and our Government must take actions towards it as all living beings has this basic right of getting water equally and government must provide them with it, it is their responsibility to take care of their nation and the people.

As the population is increasing rapidly the use of water has increased with it. There is not water scarcity globally but some nations have no access of clean water. It is the responsibility of every person to be careful with the consumption of water as it is the basic need, fragile and limited.

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