Examples of Persuasive Essays

A persuasive essay is the same as an argumentative essay. The intention is to expose an idea or a series of reasoning in order to convince the reader.

The dictionary of the Royal Academy defines persuasion as inducing, moving, forcing someone with reasons to believe or do something.

Below, several examples are presented in which the author seeks this persuasion through the presentation of his arguments.

Persuasive Essay Examples:

Essay Title: “Importance of walking every day to stay in shape”

The following text seeks to explain the benefit of walking outdoors.

Walking is the activity par excellence of the human being to stay healthy. It is one of the oldest and most enjoyed exercises.

We walk every day. To go to work, to study, or simply, for pure pleasure.

However, it is not the same to walk with the haste of not arriving on time at work, than to decide to walk an afternoon in a park. Already in a relaxed way and without any kind of pressure.

Walking is a necessary activity for the body. Many people wonder about effective and comfortable ways to maintain a healthy diet and not too excessive in terms of sacrifices. The recommendation is to carry out a daily walk of at least thirty minutes.

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Essay Title: “The use of Cell Phones in Schools”

The following essay tries to persuade about the importance of regulating the use of cell phones in schools.

The use or not of cell phones in schools is a constant debate. There is no doubt that it is always important that children have a way to communicate with their parents, especially in case of an emergency.

However, that is also taken advantage of to fall into what is known as an abuse of these mobiles.

Currently, cell phones are a rich and powerful entertainment device, not just communication. And it is obvious that it can become a strong element of distraction in the school environment.

To consider a total cell ban, in truth, would be really difficult to put into practice since it gives the impression rather of being an arbitrary measure that coerces a fundamental right.

What to do then? How to prevent the cell phone from being a distraction from learning?

There is not a single answer. But rather, possible solutions. The first and most important thing is to make clear rules about the way in which the mobile can and should be used by students while they are in their schools, and particularly in class.
Another way to achieve better use is to try to turn the cell phone into a learning tool.

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In an article in the Clarin diary, a teacher notes that “I encourage kids to use the cell phone for what it is: a micro-computer.”

The teacher encourages students to use their phones in class, through special applications related to the subject.

It is a clear example that, in principle, a medium that for many is considered a distraction, in fact, if it is used in a correct way, it can be very important in the school process.

Essay Title: “Essay on “El criterio”, a philosophical work by Jaime Balmes”

The essay that follows belongs to a work of the Spanish philosopher Jaime Balmes (1810-1848)

An attentive spirit multiplies its forces in an incredible way; take advantage of time always treasuring a wealth of ideas; he perceives them more clearly and accurately, and, finally, remembers them more easily, because with the continuous attention they are placed naturally in the head in an orderly manner.

Those who do not attend but loosely, walk their understanding in different places at the same time; here, they receive an impression; there, another very different one; they accumulate a hundred unconnected things that, far from helping each other for clarification and retention, become confused, confused and erased from one another. There is no reading, there is no conversation, there is no show, however insignificant they may seem, that they can not instruct us in something. With attention we notice the hardships and collect them; with the distraction we leave, perhaps, to fall to the ground gold and pearls as a trivial thing.

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More on the art of persuading
It has been seen that convincing through words is an art and that needs a lot of practice. To know more about persuasive essays, it is recommended to read essays, since it is a work widely used to expose and defend a point of view.

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