How to Make a Baby Thesis ?

At the initial stage of writing a baby thesis, it is very difficult to differentiate between a simple assignment making and baby thesis writing but in fact, there is a huge difference between both of them. Baby thesis writing actually requires a lot of attention and proper skills to complete it in a proper manner.

The baby thesis is actually the extension or elongated form of a finely written assignment because the starting paragraphs of both are written in a way to capture the attention of the reader, by providing interesting keeping facts about the research topic. At the initial stage of writing a baby thesis, previously prevailed or researched facts can be stated only but they cannot be challenged.

As introduction section and literature review confer about previous researches, and references of old researches are given to make basis to your own research but at that time writer cannot judge the previous theories or researches at any cost. At the initial stage of writing a baby thesis, without any analysis or any basis, one cannot jump to the results. So introductory section must be simple and interest catching. Moreover to make the body of the thesis interesting, first and foremost thing is that the topic of the thesis selected should be really appealing and fascinating.

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This is the only way that the subject of the baby thesis can be made fascinating for the reader. As this is very obvious that interesting subject of the baby thesis can only be created if the topic of the research is interesting and motivating otherwise writer cannot write in detail or do research on the topic which is not appealing. Neither the reader can be motivated to read the whole thesis if it does not seem appealing. Moreover, the topic should be somewhat provoking and confrontational along with being interesting. A good baby thesis cannot be made on very clear and apparent topics because only challenging topics can aggravate discussion on them and provoke more researchers to pick those topics and do work on them.

Tips to make the best baby thesis:

To make the best baby thesis following points must be taken into consideration:

1: At the starting of the research, writer of the baby thesis must have a clear idea of the problem about which he wants to do investigate and resolve. So that at the end research must be completed in its finest form with clear results and real-world implications as well.

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2: At the time of starting the research, the researcher must have an idea of its future significance. At the initial stage, the researcher must judge that it would be implacable in the real world or not.  If the topic of the baby thesis is only based on the imagination and its results cannot be related to any issue of the real world, it should be discarded at the initial stage only. Otherwise, the time, money and energy of the researcher will be wasted along with the whole research if found insignificant at the end.

3: It is also very necessary to write in detail about the contribution of the previous researchers on the same topic. Some of the important and main studies must be reviewed in detail along with its key points and outcomes so that at the end research must be able to relate its topic and purpose of the study with some previous basis. Moreover, the researcher must be able to elaborate the advancements and innovation which his baby thesis is bringing to others.

4: A good baby thesis must contain elaboration of the idea of researcher, and clarity in each and every statement of the research. Moreover, a writer should remain focused on the topic. All the observations, literature included, discussion written in the baby thesis must surround the real topic only. Description irrelevant to the topic will distract the reader from the main point of the research and it will decrease the worth of the research, so it should be avoided.

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5:  The hypothesis generated in the baby thesis must be compelling; the techniques applied to do research must be rigorous and valid so the significance of the baby thesis must be enhanced to its maximum.

6: It must be taken very good care of, that topic chosen for the research must be suitable and appealing to your target audience. Moreover, test and analysis necessary for the completion of the baby thesis can be carried out easily; required population should be easily available to the researcher so that it may be completed in a proper manner.

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