Job Offer Letter Sample

It often happens that many companies send job offer letters to people who have applied for a vacancy or not.

These types of letters are an important tool to avoid misunderstandings and claims that can then be presented in case the person is hired.

Sample Job Offer Letter

Later we will see a concrete example of a letter of offer, but here are the basic points that should appear on it:

Position offered.
Salary, benefits and extraordinary compensation offered.
Instructions to accept or reject the job offer.
In the text of the offer letter, you should give a clear idea to the recipient of what is being offered and what is expected of him to continue the selection process.

The tone of the text should be direct and encouraging towards the person who will read it, although false expectations should not be encouraged.

If the offer letter is part of a process in which more candidates are involved, it is good to clarify it, since the person may think that the position is already theirs and be disappointed when they enter the selection.

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Here is an example of a complete offering letter:


Dear Juan Palotes:

Enterprise SA is pleased to offer you a Systems Analyst position.

We trust that your knowledge and experience will be one of our most valuable assets.

You are eligible for this position and according to company policy, we send you the hiring information in case you want to accept this proposal:

  • Salary: gross annual salary of $ 50,000, paid in biweekly installment of your choice by check or direct deposit.
  • Performance bonuses: up to three percent of your gross annual salary, paid quarterly.
  • Benefits: Enterprise provides benefits for its salaried employees, including childcare, medical, dental, life and disability insurance, sick or vacation leave and personal days.

To accept this job offer:

  1. Sign and date this job offer letter where indicated.
  2. Sign and date the attached agreement in the indicated place.
  3. Sign and date the attached Confidentiality Agreement where indicated.
  4. Sign and date the employment confirmation document where indicated.
  5. Send to the company all the pages of the previous signed and dated documents, in a sealed envelope, before Thursday, March 17, 200x. A copy of each document is attached for your file.
  6. Attend the company on Monday, March 21, 200x, starting at 8:00 a.m.
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To reject this job offer:

  1. Sign and date this job offer letter where indicated below.
  2. Send to the company all the pages of this job offer letter, in a sealed envelope, before Thursday, March 17, 200x.

At Enterprise SA we expect you to accept this job offer and we want to welcome you to our team.

Your immediate supervisor will be Juan Gonzalez, Manager of the Computing Department.

Feel free to call to clear your doubts. Call the main number on the top letterhead during normal business hours.


[the signature]

Jose Cortez
Hiring Coordinator, Human Resources

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