Latest Thesis Topics in Psychology 2020

The topics of psychology with more validity and popularity change depending on the time and the cultural context in which we focus our attention. One only has to look at the changes that the different versions of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) have undergone to see how each era has its favorite psychology topics.

If in the DSM-IV the mild neurocognitive disorder was diluted in the Unspecified cognitive disorder category, in the DSM-V it already has a recognized entity of its own. The aging of the population and the associated cognitive deterioration have made the disorders related to neurocognition increasingly popular psychology topics.

We have identified some areas that are currently very popular, which makes them a very attractive topic of research (or job opportunities) for all those who want to devote themselves to the field of psychology.

Latest Thesis Topics in Psychology:

  • Neurocognition :

we had already commented, but its validity is such that it deserves a separate mention. Neuropsychology in the last decades has had an indisputable role within the branches of psychology, particularly in the subjects related to cognition and the deterioration of cognitive functions. Dementia, especially that caused by Alzheimer’s disease, is one of the pathologies that receives most attention today. This scenario has its consequences: the concern for cognitive health has increased considerably, another very current topic of psychology. The creation of techniques and cognitive stimulation platforms has an unstoppable growth.

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  • Third generation therapies :

Like all science, psychology advances. The third wave of cognitive and behavioral therapies is an example of this. These therapies place more emphasis on the context than their predecessors, behavioral and cognitive therapies, and on the functionality of behavior. If you want to be the most updated in the field of psychology, approaching third generation therapies is a good way.


  • Bullying:

A term that a few years ago might not say anything to many and that is currently sadly popular; thanks in large part to the visibility given by the media to the consequences of bullying or bullying. In this phenomenon, the figure of the psychologist is fundamental, not only investigating the various factors that influence the emergence of bullying but also helping to identify the people who are suffering and intervening to stop and help the affected.


  • Cyber ​​addiction or Internet addiction disorder:

Not yet included in the most popular mental illness classification manuals, many are the professionals who cry out because it is just recognized that millions of people in the world are addicted to being connected to the Internet. For others, there is still not enough research body to include it in the diagnostic manuals ( Pies, 2009 ). The controversy is served and is the opportunity for many to make contributions and investigate in an area where there is still (almost) everything to discover.

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  • New technologies applied to psychology :

Although in the previous case the misuse of new technologies created a problem, its scientific application in psychology opens up revolutionary possibilities. It is innovating in all fields: from the creation of diagnostic tools that make use of video games, to therapeutic techniques based on virtual reality. Previously we mentioned cognitive stimulation platforms that live a real boom and the same can happen with neurorehabilitation and augmented and / or virtual reality. Undoubtedly one of the topics of psychology that more validity and future seems to have.

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