How to Write a Letter of Resignation

How to write a letter of resignation from a job or Employment. Examples and samples.

The voluntary withdrawal or resignation from a job is a cause of termination of the employment contract through which the worker, unilaterally, decides to end the employment relationship with the employer.

This must be communicated by a letter of resignation from work or company.

We will review below some points on how to write a letter of resignation and also samples and examples of letters of resignation from a job.

How to Write Letter of resignation from a job:

The concept of “work for a lifetime” has already gone down in history. Labor mobility is a fact and is increasingly occurring in today’s societies.

But you have to be prepared. If you want to quit your current job, one of the tools that you should keep in mind is the Work Waiver Letter.

How to write it?

Ideally, the letter should be a short and concise letter, where the following points are included:

  1. Mention of the resignation and reasons for this. Along with your intention to resign, it is recommended that you explain why you are leaving. It may be because of a change of residence to another city, because your new job adapts more to your preferences or professional goals, etc.
  2. It is essential that you report the date on which you will stop working. We also recommend that you announce the resignation at least two weeks in advance. At this point, it is convenient that you commit to finishing the work that you have pending until the date on which you are retiring.
  3. When writing the Work Waiver Letter, do not forget to express your gratitude to your boss for allowing you to work in that organization.
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It is convenient to maintain good relations with your former boss, who can also ask for a Letter of Recommendation for further searches.

In addition, we recommend that when you join your new job, you communicate with your former boss and your former colleagues to give them your new data and thus be able to maintain contact.

In this interrelated world, you never know who you can meet again and under what circumstances.

Giving up a job does not have to be a traumatic or unpleasant experience. You just have to be prepared to face the actions that this process entails.

Sample letters of resignation from a job or employment:

Letter of resignation – Sample No. 1

Pº Independencia, 240, 2º H
Att. Personal Department
Ref: AGV
50003 – Zaragoza

Zaragoza, June 15, 2003

Dear Sir:

Thank you for the confidence of having selected me for the position of Information Technology Manager in Noriega Industries.

As I told you in the last interview with you last month, I was participating in other selection processes. Unfortunately last week I accepted the offer made by Editorial Aragón, and last Monday I debuted as Chief Information Officer. The position you offer me is interesting, as is the remuneration. It is a pity that I have already committed, because if your offer had arrived a few days before, at this time I would be a member of Noriega Industries. Anyway, I do not rule out the possibility of offering my candidacy again in the future.

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I reiterate my gratitude for all your attention during the selection process, and for the satisfaction of receiving a firm offer from you.

Without any other particular regards,

Julio Perez


Letter of resignation – Sample No. 2

Mexico City to ___ of ______ of _____.

Prol. Paseo de la Fortuna 205,
Col. Lucky
Del. Iztapalapa,
Mexico, DFCP 09010

Attention (name of the Employer):

I hereby submit to you this letter of resignation from work, thus agreeing to my interests to the position of ______________ that I had been carrying out, in the company at your dignified position, with which I suspend my employment relationship as of today, __ of ______ of ____.

For the legal effects that may take place and under the terms of articles 33 second paragraph and 53 fracc. I of the Federal Labor Law, I state in this act, that I am not owed any perception for the concept of salary, bonus, compensation, vacations, or any other concept, so that this waiver serves as a more effective receipt in accordance with straight.

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I am grateful for the fineness of your attention and determined support of which I was the object during the period that I provided my services to EMPRESARIO, SA DE CV



Julio Perez


Letter of resignation – Sample No. 3

In the city of Tehuacán, Puebla, July 15, 2006

Mr. (name of Employer):

I hereby inform you that by agreeing well with my particular interests, on this date I have resolved to voluntarily renounce the work that united me with you (s) in terms of Section I of Article 53 of the Federal Labor Law.

I also expressly express that during the time I provided my services, I never suffered any risk of work, in the same way to date I am not owed any benefit of any kind, and finally and under this voluntary resignation I do not reserve action or right to exercise of any nature in the future, or against you or your business, or your legal representative, or any other person who would have been my employer.

Ratified that it was present in all its parts I sign it across the text and at the end for constancy.


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