Letter to Request Salary Increase

Some advice on how a salary increase should be requested.

If you are thinking of requesting a salary increase, you are probably quite nervous, anxious, fearful, but you may also be angry at your company for not giving you the salary you deserve or need.

The first tip is: calm down! Think things very coldly before taking the first steps to know how to request a salary increase.

How to request a salary increase

The first point is to determine what is the appropriate way for you to make the request for a salary increase.

If you work in a large company, where there are many bosses and hierarchical positions, and where they may not even know who you are or what position you hold, they will probably require you to submit a letter of request for salary increase to your most immediate supervisor, who will move it successively until it reaches the person who will make the decision to give you or not the increase you request.

But if, instead, you work in a small business, it is important that you find out in advance what is the procedure to request a salary increase.

A letter may not be necessary, and if you send it, you will not only make a fool of yourself, but you can also offend the person who receives it for considering that you did not have the courage or confidence to discuss the issue in person.

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Next, it is vital to know why you are asking for the salary increase. You should always go with the truth, be honest and think about the real arguments, but you should also know how to put yourself in the place of your boss, and try to understand how he or she will receive the news.

“Pass the bill” of the unpaid overtime that you “donate” to the organization, or how much they make you work there, will definitely not work. Do not highlight the bad points, but the good ones.

You can earn some good points in favor by telling your supervisor that you need extra money to train in certain areas that you know will allow you to better develop your position.

Sometimes you can even get the organization to pay you for the courses you want to take, which means considerable money savings.

Don’t sell yourself as the best at what you do. Do not threaten the organization with which you will leave it if they do not increase your salary. Much less inventions that you have other offers and that if you do not receive what you want, you will leave right away. Threats do not work in most cases and only contribute to creating a negative work environment.

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What is advisable is to list some of your main achievements in the company, to refresh your supervisor’s memory of what you have contributed to the organization in the time you have been working there.

You can also appeal to say that a low salary is a demotivating factor for you, even though you really like your current job and would like to stay in the company for a long time.

It is always important to find out who is the right person to whom you should address the letter, to avoid wasting time or sending it to the wrong person, causing discomfort and irritation for having skipped the organization’s hierarchical scales.

Sample letter to request salary increase:

Mr. Omar Altar
Human Resources Manager
Company Equis Ye Zeta

From my consideration:

Through this, I wish to send you my request for a salary increase, something that I consider not only fair given my seniority and responsibilities in the company, but also the good performance that my department has had in recent times.

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As you know, since my incorporation to the Quality Control Department in 2005, the efficiency of the tasks has improved markedly, and the costs and need for external resources have been reduced.

Also, at this time I have assumed with great pleasure new responsibilities within the company, even becoming a supervisor of the staff of my department, but my salary has not been improved in the same way.

That is why, Mr. Manager, I ask you to consider my salary increase request, which will allow me to carry out specialization studies in areas that are vital for the improvement of the company’s productivity.

Of course, thank you very much for the attention given.

I look forward to your prompt response.

Javier John
Quality Control Department

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