How to Write a Notification Letter

The Notification Letter does not have a specific model to follow, although its effectiveness will be determined by the fulfillment of a series of requirements.

In addition, this type of communication applies to countless situations, so the writing style and its length may vary: you can send a notification letter to communicate a payment, hiring, a change of signature and much more.

How to Write a Notification letter

The text must be written with clear and direct information regarding the objective sought.

It must include the requirements and deadlines for compliance with the notification, as well as subsequent actions that can be taken.

But also, in the event that only news that does not require a reaction from the receiver is communicated, that point should be made clear.

The essence of the notification letter is that the person who receives it cannot claim ignorance of the subject in question.

For example, a user stops paying for their telephone service for several months.

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Before this, the company will send a letter that will inform you that in case of non-payment the service will be withdrawn unless you cancel the debt at a certain time.

Hand delivery: In order for the process to be carried out correctly, it is important that the recipient of the letter signs a certificate attesting to the delivery.

It is not advisable to leave the letter in a mailbox or slide it under the door since the recipient could say that he did not receive it and there will be no way to prove otherwise.

Identification, deadlines, and response: A key point in this type of communication is the clear identification of who sends and who receives.

If there are doubts about who the addressee was, they may claim ignorance of what has been notified and complications will be generated later. Therefore, in a clear letter and in the header of the notification letter the data of the receiver must be provided.

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It is also very important that the name (and logo, if any) of the company or person sending the letter (as well as the address, email and / or telephone number of the sender) be included (clearly and legibly). This is intended to ensure that the addressee of the notification letter can communicate and make the relevant downloads or follow the process by which he was contacted.

And one more detail so that the identification of the person sending the notification letter does not fail: the contact information must appear in the body of the letter and not in the envelope since many people usually discard it and will not have how to communicate.

Concision and clarity: Notification letters should be direct and brief so that the attention of the person receiving it is quickly captured. After a brief greeting of courtesy, you must enter the theme that motivates you, without further delay.

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As in journalism, the notification letter should answer the five questions:


The answer to these five questions must contain all the necessary information so that the person receiving the letter clearly understands the situation or the subject of which it is notified.

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