Scholarships and incentives for artists in 2021

Scholarships and incentives for artists in 2021

If you love to create and innovate and you also develop in aspects related to music, painting, dance, sculpture, poetry, among others; These generous artist scholarships and incentives are for you.

These are 4 scholarships and incentives that seek to strengthen and reward professionals dedicated to the art of any nationality to study in 2021 (when the pandemic is no longer a problem).

1. Botín Foundation Plastic Arts Scholarships

Its main objective is to discover and support creative talent, through programs related to art, culture, education, science, and rural development.

It also has an Observatory of Trends to deepen the knowledge of society, and this time, it offers 6 generous scholarships for international artists who wish to carry out training, research, and personal projects in the field of artistic creation:


The economic contribution of € 23,000 for travel expenses, accommodation, meals, studio rent, among other expenses.


  • Photocopy of the N.I.F (Tax Identification Number). o NIE (Foreign Identification Number) Residents,
  • Passport or Identification Document of the Treasury of your country.
  • Passport size photograph.
  • Curriculum vitae, maximum 3 A4 size sheets.
  • Project title and summary (maximum one hundred words) or training to be carried out. Report specifying objective, action plan (development phases and dates), and personal justification of the convenience of carrying it out. (maximum 10 A4 size sheets).
  • Graphic documentation, prints or color photocopies of the artist’s work (originals, or attached documentation such as catalogs, brochures, original works, etc. will not be accepted). In A4 size on one side.

Application process:

  • Fill out the application form.
  • Send the documentation on paper to the Botín Foundation. Address: Predueca 1. 39003 Santander, Spain.
  • The documentation must be submitted in file format (A4 size), occupying a maximum of 40 sheets (A4 size) on one side, without staples, and must not be bound.
  • In the case of audiovisual projects, a DVD or USB may be presented together with the requested dossier.
  • For more information, you can consult the official website of the Bontín Foundation.
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Application deadline May 08, 2020


The International Biennial of Contemporary Art of South America is an institution that seeks to connect the public from the five continents in order to generate a global network of collaboration that encourages the elimination of distances and borders.

Artists and curators from around the world will be in charge of giving life to the third edition with work projects and research curatorship in different settings in South America, and others in Africa, Asia, Europe, and Central and North America, July to November 2021.

Since 2017 where it made its first edition; 300 artists and curators from around the world had the opportunity to present their artistic proposals. In 2019 there were about 800 representatives, and by 2021 it is expected to exceed this figure.

This is how this time he opened his call for all those interested in being part of this great project, to apply either individually or in groups.

This project is carried out by UNTREF (National University of Tres de Febrero in Buenos Aires – Argentina)

The application deadline is until April 30, 2020

3. Scholarships from the Camargo Foundation in France

Since 1971, this Foundation has fostered creativity, research, and experimentation through its international residency program for artists, academics, and thinkers.

There have been about 1000 scholarship recipients from around the world, who have had the opportunity to receive this residence in Cassis, France, on the edge of the Mediterranean Sea.

There are three categories among which the Foundation establishes its applications to all types of artists:

Scholars: Academics connected to the arts and humanities and also working in French and Francophone cultures, or in cross-cultural studies involving the Mediterranean region. They must have a doctorate or be in their final stage of research or writing their thesis.
Thinkers: Professionals in creative and cultural fields such as journalists, curators, critics, urban planners, independent academics, among others, who carry out work in the theoretical, arts, and society fields.
Artists (all disciplines): Project creators with a history of publications, performances, exhibitions, credits, awards, and/or grants. When registering, they must select the subcategory in which they operate, such as Visual Artists, Choreographers, Theater Directors, Performance Artists, Writers and Playwrights, Film, video and digital artists, Composers, and sound artists, Multidisciplinary artists.

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The Camargo Foundation has the objective of concentrating the most outstanding artists so that during the residency, they can carry out a project focused on their area of ​​performance, so that in this way they can carry out discussions and learnings together and with invited experts.

This residence will also have workshops and activities related to strengthening the cultural learning of each of the scholarship recipients.

The benefits:

The Camargo Foundation program consists of scholarship residencies that span from 6 to 11 weeks and for the year 2021 there are 18 scholarships available (9 for artists and 9 for thinkers or academics).

The scholarship awards 250 USD per week to each recipient, as well as transportation funding to mobilize to and from Cassis for the residency fellow.

The dates of residence for the following year will be for the spring season:

  • 6 weeks from February 23 to April 06
  • 8 weeks from February 23 to April 20
  • 11 weeks from February 23 to May 11

To apply for these generous scholarships you must have a good level of English to be able to communicate with the other scholarship recipients. Basic knowledge of French is useful, but not necessary.

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You must complete the registration process before June 20 to September 22, 2020.

How to apply?

  • You must fill out the registration form in English for the 2021/2022 call, here.
  • Have your CV ready in English or French.
  • Develop in a narrative, your proposal where you describe the planned focus of the residency, whether it be private works or some more open research area, demonstrating its relevance today.
  • Describe the reason why you want to obtain this residency unlike any other center (Motivation Letter).
  • Justification of why it is important to have a residence at this time.

4. Scholarship for Young Talented Artists – Colombia

The Colombian Government through the institution dedicated to promoting higher education in the country, Icetex, since 2019 has offered the call for young talents to study with forgivable credit, their artistic studies abroad.

These are postgraduate programs and short courses with an emphasis on the arts, artistic heritage, cultural industries, functional creations, and new media, among others.


About $ 13,000 for students taking short courses and $ 20,000 for graduate students.


  • Be between 18 and 35 years of age
  • Reside in Colombia permanently
  • Not having been a beneficiary of this program in previous times
  • In case of having previously requested a loan with this entity, having paid at least 50%, and not being reported in any credit registry.


  • Registration form duly completed.
  • Two enlarged photocopies of the identity document
  • Two copies of the visa where you will study
  • Photocopy of any public service receipt from your residence
  • Joint and several debtor forms filled out


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