Master’s degree and living in Germany


Today I’ll tell you a story about a friend, she became an Au Pair in Germany, learned German, then did her master’s degree at Kaiserslautern University, and is currently happy living in that country. And the best thing is that it all started with an investment of fewer than 1,000 dollars. Being an Au Pair … Read moreMaster’s degree and living in Germany

The Winning Motivation Letter: get a scholarship abroad


The scholarship motivation letter is what differentiates you from the rest and will help you show yourself as the ideal person for the program to which you apply. And that is why below I want to tell you everything you have to take into account when writing a motivation letter. Here I teach you to … Read moreThe Winning Motivation Letter: get a scholarship abroad

Know the truth about scholarships


Here is a message for all students who are finishing college or starting their studies at the university. For those who want to have international experiences because they understand the relevance that this has on a personal, academic, and professional level. To leave the country to study or train in anything, more than the money … Read moreKnow the truth about scholarships

Full scholarship to study in Poland FREE!


Have you ever dreamed of traveling to a country that is recognized for its history? Well, in this article I bring you the solution. Poland is distinguished as one of the countries with the most historical centers and with the oldest and most beautiful buildings in all of Europe. In addition, every year this warm … Read moreFull scholarship to study in Poland FREE!