The best scholarships to study in France

The best scholarships to study in France

Did you know that you can get scholarships to study in France and pay less than 300 EUR a year or pay nothing?

All of this is possible thanks to subsidized public education and the different scholarship opportunities that exist.

These scholarships can cover the cost of tuition, living, and even airline tickets!

Read on to find out how to win scholarships in France and study abroad without spending a fortune!

Why study in France?

  • France is a great country to study since it has more than 70 public universities where education is very cheap.
  • There are also different grants and scholarships that we as international students can access.
  • For example, if you want to do undergraduate studies in one of the public universities, you will not pay more than 200 euros a year.
  • If you want to do master’s studies, you will not pay more than € 300, and if your thing is to carry out doctoral studies, you will never pay more than € 400 a year.

The best scholarships to study in France

Clever! You already know how to find study programs in France according to your interest and how to find scholarships to finance your studies in this wonderful country.

Now we want to save you some time by showing you the 8 best scholarships to study in France according to our analysis.

Émile Boutmy Scholarship

Offeror: University, SciencesPo, an institution recognized worldwide for its focus on the human and social sciences.

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Level of study: Undergraduate and Postgraduate

Benefits: Up to € 19,000 per year for undergraduate studies and up to € 10,000 per year for postgraduate studies.

You can study:

For undergraduates, you can study the Bachelor of Arts program.

Some master’s programs to choose from are:

  • Master of Public Policy
  • Master in Human Rights and Humanitarian Action
  • Master in Finance and Strategy
  • Master in Regional and Urban Strategy
  • Master in Communications, Media and Creative Industries


  • You must have previously applied for admission to any undergraduate or master’s program at SciencesPo University.
  • You must not have carried out any type of studies in any country belonging to the European Union.
  • You must not have any other type of scholarship or financial aid at the time of applying for this call
  • Certificate of knowledge of French or English, depending on the language in which you are going to study.

Application process: Online directly with the university

Application deadline: for undergraduate programs it is at the end of February of each year and for master’s programs at the beginning of December of each year

École Normale Supérieure Scholarship

Offeror: Univerisidad École Normale Supérieure

Study level: Master’s

Benefits: There are 10 scholarships for master’s degrees in the area of ​​Sciences and another 10 for master’s degrees in the area of ​​Arts and Humanities. The scholarship includes:

  • € 1,000 per month for the duration of the master’s degree
  • They will also offer you a room on one of the university’s campuses
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You can study:

  • For the field of Arts and Humanities

Masters in Archeology, Anthropology, Classical Studies (Greek and Latin), Cinema, Theater Studies, Art History, Musicology, Cognitive Sciences, Economics, Political Studies, Geography, History and Philosophy of Law, History, and Philosophy of Sciences, Linguistics, Literature, Philosophy, Sociology.

  • For the Science field

The disciplines in which you can do your master’s studies are Biology, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Computer Sciences, Mathematics, Physics, and Cognitive Sciences.

Eligibility: Citizens of any part of the world


  • Candidates must be under the age of 26 when applying (must not have reached the age of 26)
  • Candidates must not have lived in France for more than 10 months during the academic year of the selection (September 1 – August 31) or the previous year.
  • Candidates must have graduated from a foreign university (outside of France)


  • Passport
  • Diploma of your studies in high school or high school
  • University transcripts
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Motivation letter
  • A study project
  • Letters of recommendation – 2 to 4 total.

Application process: Online with shortlisted interview

Application deadline: Mid-December

École Normale Supérieure Érieure de Lyon Scholarship

Offeror: University of Lyon. It offers academic programs in areas of industry, health, environment, energy, finance, media, performing arts, among others.

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Level of study: Master’s


  • Full enrollment for a master’s program in areas such as Exact Sciences, Arts, and Human and Social Sciences.
  • Financial support of € 1,000 per month for the duration of the program.
  • In addition, you can count on French workshops that will allow you to perfect your command in this language.

You can study: Any program in the areas of Exact Sciences, Arts and Human and Social Sciences. Some are:

  • Master in Modern Literature
  • Master of Film Studies
  • Master of Science and Innovation
  • Master of Advanced Mathematics
  • Master in Biosciences for Health

Application process: Online directly with the university

Eligibility: Citizens of any part of the world

Requirements: Be 26 years of age or older

Application process: online, directly on the official website of the university.


  • Academic recommendation forms
  • Motivation letter
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Undergraduate or bachelor’s degree
  • University academic record
  • Summary of a research project
  • Language certificate (French or English depending on the language in which you are going to study); French (DALF, DELF, TCF); English (IELTS or TOEFL).

Application deadline: normally opens in November of each year and closes in January.


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