Topics For an Argumentative Essay [2020 Upd]

The purpose of the argumentative essay is to show logical and well-explained reasoning about a particular topic and to convince the reader of the argument presented. The following list exposes a large number of possible topics for an argumentative essay. They are divided into categories.

Argumentative Essay Topics:

Environmental issues

  • Animals in danger of extinction
  • Effects of environmental pollution on flora and fauna
  • Excessive noise in cities
  • The use of agrochemicals in the fields
  • The role of developed countries in the reduction of environmental pollution
  • The nuclear plants
  • The importance of generating energy with the least impact on the environment
  • The importance of avoiding water pollution
  • The deterioration of ozone and its consequences
  • The global warming

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Health issues

  • Reasons for children not to consume energy drinks
  • Recommendations for exercises in the gym
  • The problem of obesity in adolescents
  • Exercises outdoors or in the gym
  • Effects on health with internet abuse
  • The use of contraceptives
  • Consequences of tobacco use
  • Alcohol: Consequences of its abuse in young people
  • Work from home: Pros and cons
  • The problem of children who live locked up
  • The abuse of video games
  • The problem of school-age pregnancies
  • The problem of the Ebola epidemic in Africa
  • The problem of AIDS in Africa
  • The problem of dengue in Latin American countries
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Social and current issues

  • How to regulate and at the same time respect the rights of immigrants
  • The increase in delinquency in young people
  • The problem of working children in the streets
  • The struggle of Negative effects of the globalization of the “Yankee” culture
  • The conflict in the middle east
  • The policy for immigrants in the United States
  • Drug legalization. Would it be effective?
  • The problem of abortion
  • The fashion of YouTubers
  • The problem of children and youth and cell phones
  • Relations between the United States and China
  • Relations between the United States and Russia
  • The conflict in Ukraine
  • The problem of machismo  in Mexico
  • Privacy on Facebook
  • The Wikileaks scandal
  • Secret accounts in Switzerland
  • The Islamic extremists
  • The role of the United Nations in the reduction of poverty in Latin America
  • The importance of education in art and culture
  • How to educate children in the age of the internet
  • The importance of electronic books in school
  • The importance of using computers at school
  • The use of mobile phones in the classrooms
  • The role of the teacher in the new era of education
  • The use of appropriate films as a tool for training in values
  • Influence of celebrities on youth thinking
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Technology issues

  • Influence of the internet on education.
  • Importance of new technologies in the management of a company
  • Social networks as a basis for business expansion
  • The use of robots in the future as an assistant in everyday tasks

Economics issues

  • The need to reduce export taxes
  • Tax havens
  • The need to promote the creation of small businesses in young people
  • The importance of budgetary planning for the support of the home

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