Four Types of Essay

There are 4 types of essays, which are usually the most common or usual, which are: literary essay, critical essay, scientific essay, and argumentative essay.

Four Types of Essays:

Literary Essay:

They are usually characterized by the breadth with which they address issues, not limited to when selecting the subject to be treated. Although all literary essays are based on work, they do not approach it exclusively, but it is combined with experiences, habits, analysis, and opinions. All literary essays tend to have a series of characteristics in common, that is, they are all subjective and arise from simplicity with a very direct style, seeking to highlight the point of view, reflections and thoughts of the author.

Literary essay can be written on all kinds of topics, such as history, philosophy or even politics.

Scientific Essay:

The scientific essay is characterized by treating a scientific topic from a creative point of view. In other words, scientific reasoning is combined with artistic creativity. In this type of essay, the goal of seeking and exploring reality in the search for truth is taken from science, while from the artistic point of view it takes beauty and the expression of it through creativity.

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But the mere fact of resorting to a type of an artistic expression does not exempt this essay from the rigor and objectivity proper to science.

Argumentative Essay:

The argumentative essay tries to defend through reasoning a thesis or idea proposed with the objective of convincing the reader of the defended position. Although they treat the topics with depth, they are usually short essays. This type of essay uses a simple style, but a formal or cultured language. As a fundamental requirement, the ideas must be presented clearly and concisely and must have a logical relationship between them. The cherry-picking or fallacy of incomplete evidence should be avoided

That is, the information that contradicts the author’s arguments must also be shown.

Critical Essay:

As in the literary essay, this type of essay is also characterized by freely approaching a wide variety of topics, focused on the general public. The structure of the critical essay is free, although a formal and generally careful style predominates. A large amount of documentation is used to support the ideas, opinions, ideologies or reflections of the author, which must be accompanied by scientific or argumentative elements.

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