What is Thesis Statement?

Thesis statement Definition

The thesis statement is the most significant statement of the thesis because it actually describes the main theme of the whole thesis in the concise form. Moreover, it also portrays the complete road map of the paper and reflects the main theme of discussion of the whole thesis. It sums up the subject matter in a short form so that the reader can understand the main issue to be discussed in the thesis and can decide to read the whole paper if the issue discussed is worthy for him.

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The thesis statement is the elucidation of the main theme of the paper and helps to describe the main issue which the thesis is going to address after whole research.

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It tends to initiate an argument that will be addressed in the whole research, it may be the matter which is already unsolved by other researchers. So according to the above-described qualities, it must be at the very start of a lengthy thesis so that the reader may be able to pick the main theme at the very initial stage of reading a thesis.

The thesis statement definition can be described as the main theme or subject matter of the whole research paper put in plain words in the most concise form. It, in fact, specifies the target addressees for whom the whole article is being written so that the reader may understand the purpose of doing whole research.

It is actually written at the start of the research, maybe in the ending lines of the first section of the introduction of the research paper. I can be explained in a way that it is actually written to grab the attention of the reader who is interested in having the knowledge of the specific topic. It must be as much interesting that the reader may get anxious to know the remaining details and results of the research. So he must read the whole research article instead he leaves reading at the very start in case he does not come to know about the main topic of the research. So it holds a really important place in the whole research paper.

Can a thesis statement consist of a question?

The name itself describes that it is a statement simply. So it should be written in the form of a statement only, it can’t be explained in termed of a question.

As the main purpose of the thesis statement is to clarify the main purpose and subject matter of the whole research paper to the reader. If it is written in the form of the question, it will not be able to clarify the main theme of the research; instead, it will tend to generate more questions in the mind of the reader. Consequently, it will lose its worth and the main purpose of it will be lost as well.

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It is actually written to provide the objective of the research paper and to clarify the method through which research is being conducted but the question can generate other complications in the mind of the reader and he might lose interest in the thesis. So it will develop a negative impact towards the worth of the thesis.

Does the thesis statement go in an abstract or introduction?

The most significant and ideal place for writing a thesis statement is the initial paragraph of the introduction section. It must be written after giving a light and understandable introductory line regarding the topic of the whole thesis. So that the reader may be able to understand the topic of the research and then after reading the thesis statement, he should understand the main theme of the whole research paper. But writing it in the Abstract section is not the right place for it because it is too early to disclose the statement at this stage.

The thesis statement must never be concealed in the middle section of a long paragraph. It must be placed in the first paragraph so that the reader may be able to read and understand it easily if it is buried after a detailed discussion, it might happen that it reader may depart reading the research paper before reaching the thesis statement.

Example of thesis statements

How long should a thesis statement be?

The thesis statement should me not too much longer so that the reader may lose the grip over understanding the main theme. A long statement actually loses its worth and makes the reader lose his interest as well. It becomes incomprehensible for the reader, Moreover, it also tends to wipe out the focus of the researcher/writer himself, so he will fail to write the full thesis in an organized & understandable manner.

It is best to write one sentenced thesis statement so that it will be easy to understand by the reader and it will be able to deliver the clear objective of writing the whole research paper.

But it is not necessary that it can’t exceed from one sentence, in case if one sentence is not enough to construct an ideal statement and it can be two sentenced as well so that its purpose to grab the attention of the reader must be fulfilled along with focusing on the main objective of the research paper. Moreover, vague language and jargon must be avoided to be used in a thesis statement so that it must be able to grab the focus of the reader.

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What are the components of the thesis statement?

A complete and good thesis statement should have three main components; theme, main idea, and proof regarding that idea. The subject must narrate the main theme in clear and concise words so that no ambiguity about the subject matter is left. The main idea related to what the researcher is trying to find about that subject and most important is the supportive argument that actually aggravates the point that this specific subject matter should be sorted out.

A combination of all three components in a single statement makes a perfect and understandable thesis statement. Proper assembling of these three components in the thesis statement will be really helpful to congregate the complete focus and interest of the reader. A perfect thesis statement is known as an action plan of the thesis.

Does a thesis statement have to be one sentence?

The thesis statement may be of one state but it should not be stated in the form of an announcement or should never reflect that it is only thinking or opinion of the researcher. It may not be a quote or statement of fact; it must be a very comprehensive and clear statement regarding the subject matter of the whole research.

It should be kept in mind that it is not necessary to write only one sentenced thesis statement. Because the length of the thesis statement can vary according to the intensity of the topic, and if the topic is understandable and its thesis statement can be summed up in concise form, in a single sentence then it is better to go for it.

In most of cases, it is actually single sentenced & it is ideal to write the thesis statement in one sentence but it must be taken care of that it must be able to deliver the complete picture of the thesis through it. In case if it is impossible to write a good thesis statement in a single sentence, it may be of two sentences as well, (It is not necessary to write it in one sentence only).

Can a thesis statement be of two sentences?

It is necessary for the thesis statement that it should be easily understandable by the reader and convey a clear motive to the reader; one sentence thesis statement is enough to write. Most of the thesis statements are only one sentence long but depending upon the complexity and depth of the topic if the topic is somewhat tricky and it is not easy, to sum up, the message in one sentence then thesis statement must have two sentences at least.

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So that it may be able to attract the reader to go through the whole research paper until the end. So in order to capture the concentration of the reader, it is good to write the thesis statement in two sentences. But it must be remembered that it must never exceed two lines, otherwise, the purpose of writing the thesis statement will be finished.

How to make a thesis statement?

The thesis statement must be the strongest statement of the whole thesis because it is the statement that is really significant in holding the attention of the target readers. If it is well built with stronger words it will grab the reader’s attention and the reader will read the whole thesis until the end of his complete interest.

To build a strong thesis statement it is necessary to understand the types of thesis statements. The thesis statement can be written in a descriptive manner or it can be in the form of argument. The first type of thesis statement clearly explains the object and cause of whole research but to make it strong it should be remembered that it must be a claim which is to be researched in the remaining thesis.

It should not be a fact, otherwise, the main cause to do whole research and write the thesis will be weakened. In this case, the reader will never read the whole research because he will feel it useless to read the whole research on that issue which is already obvious.

The other type of thesis statement is just to intensify the need of doing research on that topic by picking up a topic on which different point of views of previous researchers exist and you are going to prove it in your own way, in different circumstances.

Moreover, the thesis statement should never be too general so that it fails to deliver its main purpose to the reader. Words chosen to write the thesis statement must b precise, exact and clear, as the composition of a good statement depends upon choosing the right words and it will tend to enhance the worth of the thesis statement.

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