How to write Thesis Introduction?

The thesis introduction gives a brief, but the accurate idea of ​​the various aspects that make up the thesis. Ultimately, it is about making a clear and orderly approach to the subject of the investigation, the importance of its implications, as well as the way in which it has been considered convenient to approach the study of its different elements.


An introduction obeys the formulation of the following questions:

What is the theme of the work?

What was the interest to do the research work?

What was the methodology or strategy used?

What is the purpose or objectives of the development of the research work?

What is the distribution of the various topics in the work structure?


How to make a thesis introduction?

First part:

What is the theme of the work?

Introduction Sample


The present investigation deals with the question of itinerant trading, which can be defined as the gross domestic product is not registered in the official statistics. Or that where people invade the public road, and use it for commercial operation without licenses, give invoices, or pay taxes. In the first paragraphs, define the topics that you have chosen for the work of investigation.


The main characteristic of this type of trade is an illegal activity because they are not officially recognized It is suggested to mention characteristics and causes to present the topic of work.


To analyze this problem it is necessary to mention its causes. One of them is unemployment. Unemployment means lack of work for people who are of age and working conditions. Unemployment is experienced by people who carry out activities that allow them to gain some profit but have no fixed employment but occasional. They are people seeking their livelihoods in some activity in which perceive an income to survive. They can be unhealthy activities and low productivity and remuneration. Use the phrases underlined to initiate the drafting of the introduction.
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Second part:

To continue the introduction, answer:

What was the interest to do the research work?

The investigation of this social problem was realized by the interest to know why the group of this type of salesmen has grown in Mexico City and how much it has proliferated illegally. This allowed the identification of power relations between these emerging social agents and government authorities. On the other hand, to establish the socioeconomic indicators of the street vendors, as well as the level of education of the members of this social group. The interest may focus on the same topic.


Deepening the inquiry from the perspective of urban sociology was an academic interest. We are also interested in providing recent statistics on this urban problem. The interest can be academic.


In the professional field, as a social worker, the interest focused to know the social and labor context as independent variables of the family conditions that are developed in the home of these social subjects. The interest can be professional.


Third Part:

To continue the introduction, answer:

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What was the methodology or strategy used?

Within the framework of the Urban sociological theory, the research was conducted with a series of interviews with leaders, leaders and street vendors, and governmental authorities of the Federal district.

In the conversation with the leaders of the hawkers, the items of the interview did not have a defined number and were outlined with topics on politics, state, government, co-opting, manipulation, political market.

The interviews were made to natural leaders, that is to say, key informants. A key informant is a characteristic of the non-probabilistic sample known as intentional. This type of sample was the one we used in the methodology for our study.

During the field research, one of the obstacles in the interview was the fear of the vendors in order to accept the conversation with the researcher. The fear of the people who met, they said, was its leader.


The methodology refers to theory, technique and instruments; to the sample; To the type of investigation.


Fourth part:

Answer: What is the purpose or goals of development of the research work?


Analyze the instruments of political control, co-opting and manipulation of government that apply to the inhabitants of the urban settlements irregular in the stage that form as social movement.

Differentiate political treatment and access to urban equipment when the social movement of irregular settlements has been consolidated as an organization with interference in the political electoral market.

Contrast, in our universe of study, the political dynamics of street vendors linked to different political parties.

What is Thesis Statement ?

Fifth part:

Answer: What is the distribution of the various topics in the work structure?


In chapter I the approach is made in what sociopolitical context is recognized the illegality of the peddlers? At what point is the movement of street vendors transformed into a political fact?


In chapter II we will see the political parties and their relationship with street vendors and state power. The state-power-political concept triad allows us to analyze the social dynamics in those of street vendors in the context of political conflict linked to the power of the state.


In chapter III will analyze the concept and characterization, as well as its origin, development and consolidation and sociopolitical effect of street vendors. Also presented the historical background in the Federal District (DF) in chapter IV will refer to the research of street vendors in the center of Mexico City, consisting of the application of a survey and interviews both Leaders of street vendors and settlers of the same.

Present a summary of the content of the different chapters.


Finally, we can say that the introduction:

1) Contains an overview of the subject investigated.

2) Makes us penetrate what we find when reading the work.

3) It is recommended that the introduction be drafted after completing the research work.

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