How to choose thesis topic?

Think of something that interests you:

This is something fundamental. Everyone has their area of ​​interest in life or things they would like to work or learn about. Look for professors from your university and talk to them about these areas, tell them you’re looking for a topic for the thesis. That is the first step.

It may be abandoned childhood, teacher preparation, educational quality in universities, conflicts at workplace  (if you work and do a postgraduate degree), the authoritarianism of the parents facing the teenagers anything else. There are people who define their thesis topic based on a hobby or a special occupation: it can be a sport, an organization cultural activity to which they belong, or something they like to do. Theses are opportunities to grow professionally and spiritually and you should not waste it.

Try to solve a real problem:

You must try to find a solution to a real problem. It is important and society will thank you. It is always something satisfying if you can help others. Observe the problems of your community, your work, your university, the social, economic or political problems of your country, suck all the problems that arise in your work or place of study. They are always a great source of inspiration.

In that case, you will produce knowledge and leave a solution proposal at the same time. You can do, for example, Research-Action (AI) and rehearse yourself the solutions to the problems or you can, if you prefer, do positivist research (Projective Studies) and leave proposals for solutions that others will rehearse. Think of everyday problems and get to work; talk about it and write.

Identify the events you are going to study:

After thinking about the problems you have to identify the individual phenomena that are inside. If you thought about what interests you, now it’s your turn to identify those specific facts or phenomena. For example, if you think that the Internet is a good area to look for you have to make an effort to identify the specific facts that are inside, such as the attitude of young people facing the Internet (a study for sociologists, anthropologists,psychologists and related), the help that can be provided to companies to make them more profitable (for business managers or studying that career or graduate), or we may see the Internet as a means of communication or as an educational tool and thus several theses come out. All are individual aspects within the theme “Internet”.

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You have to descend to the details, to the very specific. As when we say that an “institution” is a general theme and the internal furniture, the building, the personnel that works within it are its specific aspects; If, for example, you are interested in measuring the productivity of a company, then you should think about the aspects that are within the productivity concept such as the time dedicated to work, the amount of raw material used, the method of work used; If, on the contrary, you find yourself in more qualitative areas of knowledge such as motivation, attitude and things like that, perhaps you can begin to observe the elements that this motivation or attitude contains and with that you will formulate your thesis title. The trick is to go down to the specific details until you get to the variables.

Give a scientific name to the events you are going to study

If you already thought about the specific aspects now you must give a scientific name to such aspects or phenomena, for which you should read books that relate to the topic or speak with a teacher who knows the subject. An exercise is to introduce the approximate words that describe your research topic in and search, but you can also ask for the help of a professor who is a specialist in the subject which will allow you to save time.

It may be that the professor has it in your university and you did not know it. Searching in books also helps: You have to locate ideas or affirmations that relate to your topic. This is important because the thesis are elaborated with the scientific names of the phenomena and not with intuitive names. For example, if the title of a thesis says “Relationship between the work performance and the level of stress of the employees of company X”, the concepts “work performance” and “stress” are scientific names that are given to particular phenomena, you have to find those names,

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now ask the question that is related to your topic

The theses are an answer to a question, there has to be a research question. Formerly, it was placed at a point called “Formulation of the problem”; now it is not always done, but it is still something very used anyway. The research questions must be formulated and enunciated.

You can have a thesis title simply by placing the question as a title and removing the question marks, or rather, passing it from the interrogative to the enunciative . For example, if your question was “What statistical correlation exists between the job performance and the level of work stress among the employees of company X?”, Your thesis title will be “Correlation between the work performance and the level of work stress in the employees of company X “, or simply:” The job performance and the level of work stress in the employees of company X ” Remember … you do an investigation to solve one or several research questions, for that is the thesis.

Examples of thesis topics:

Thesis Topics in Education:

  • What is the effect of teachers’ linguistic performance on the process of learning to solve mathematical problems the students of the “X” faculty of the “Y” university?
  • What is the influence of Computer-Aided Instruction on the academic performance of the students of the subject “Mathematical Analysis” of the first year of food technology of the “X” institute of the city “Y”?
  • How does the use of meta cognitive strategies associated with the different moments of the reading process affect the academic performance of Spanish in the seventh grade of Basic Education of the “X” school of the city “Y”, country “Z”?
  • Characterization of social interactions and their relationship with the ability to learn to learn in the 5th grade students of Educational Unit “X”?
  • What is the rate of knowledge learned by students regarding the knowledge imparted by teachers in the “X” school, in the “Y” city, “Z” country ?
  • What is the relationship between performance and repetition with respect to the curricular reform carried out between 1989 and 1993 in the subjects of the Department of Applied Mathematics of the Basic Cycle of the “X” Faculty of the “Y” University?
  • What is the basic configuration structure of the social representations about the university in the professors of the University “X”, of the country “Y”?
  • Conceptual Mastery of Chemistry in Middle School teachers in the city “X”, country “Z”
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Thesis topics in management:

  • What are the administrative factors that determine the quality of the service of the Materials Unit of the Internal Marketing Division of the oil company “X”, of the country “Y”?
  • What is the relationship between cost accounting systems and business management systems in the small and medium industry in the city “X”?
  • What is the perception of the teachers of the University Institute of Technology “X” of the city “Y” about the organizational climate?
  • What are the training needs of the personnel of the company “X”, located in the city “Y”?
  • What are the management strategies used by small companies in the information technology sector to enter the market in the “X” zone?

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