How to write a baby thesis?

The first question arises in the mind of the reader that what is a baby thesis? At the start of the thesis it is really important to elucidate that a baby thesis is a diminutive form of a complete and long thesis. It is just written to give a quick overview of a lengthy thesis. As it is the shorter version of a full thesis so it takes less time for its preparation and easier to understand in less time. It is short form of the thesis but it doesn’t mean that it requires less effort or less attention while its preparation.  As it depicts the whole story of the thesis, and plays the role of foundation of full and final thesis so it must be as much stronger and interest grabbing as the full version of the thesis is, so that it must hold the attention of the reader as well as gain the consideration of the other researchers as well.   So it requires full concentration of reader for writing it.


write baby thesis

How to make a baby thesis?

Baby thesis is also another name of topic sentence. It actually depicts the main idea or subject of the whole thesis. The main purpose of the baby thesis is to give somewhat brief outlook of the complete story of the thesis, its main idea, results of the research and conclusion drawn from the research.

Here are some tips to write a good baby thesis

1: Vague statements should be avoided in writing thesis. Every statement must be very clear and specific so that it must be understandable by reader.

2: Circumvent incorporating the large statements during or at the end of the paragraph.

3: Avoid using technical words and jargons so that thesis must be easy to read and understand for a lay man.

4: State the results of the research very clearly. Avoid confusing results so that reader may reach upon a straight forward conclusion about the research.

5:  Indistinguishable and abstract words must also be avoided in the baby thesis so that reader should be able to understand it easily.

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Parts of baby thesis

Following are parts of Baby thesis:

Table of content must be there to show the main headings and subheadings of the complete baby thesis. Also the page number of each heading must be mentioned along with the name of heading or subheading to provide ease to the reader.

Next to table of content must be an introduction of baby thesis. As it is the proper starting of the thesis it must be interesting. It must grab the attention of the reader and compel the reader to read the thesis till the end. It may also contain the number of facts related to the main topic of the thesis in inspiring way.

Baby thesis topic must include finding and analysis comprises of raw data collected through research. Recommendations must be included to provide a guideline for the other researchers as well. Last topic of the research holds the most important place in the thesis that is conclusion which the writer draws from whole research. It must depict the important findings of the whole research; moreover findings must be associated with the opening question of the research.

The format of a baby thesis also includes Table of content, introduction, finding and analysis, conclusion and recommendations. Format of writing baby thesis must be exactly same to the full and final form of the thesis but it should be brief and concise than the full thesis. It is actually written to provide a real sketch of the full thesis with very important and relevant information so that reader can understand the whole research in less time and less effort but any sub topic must not be excluded. Because excluding any of the sub topic may lessen the substance of the thesis. Actually baby thesis must hold as much value as the whole thesis have, because it is the initial step towards more vast and valuable research.


Baby thesis topics must be interest capturing and relevant to the industry you are working in. So that it must be useful to do research on a topic for researcher as well as reader.  Because it will only detain the interest of the reader only in case if it is relevant to his/her problem and it is useful for them to resolve their issue or to conduct their research. So that topic should be connected to the concerns of others as well. In other case the baby thesis will lose its importance, and all the research will be useless.

Some of the benefits of writing a baby thesis include:

1: Saving the time and energies of the researcher as well as reader.

2: It also saves the money of the researcher which he is going to spend on huge or vast research.


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