Essay on Procrastination

Procrastination is intentionally delaying your work or tasks for other enjoyable or unenjoyable stuff and let’s be honest here that we have all been there, we all procrastinate our work and chooses to do it on the very last moments. In this competitive world we should be doing our best to be on top, be competitive with others and value this precious time although here we are procrastinating our time away.

Reason for procrastinating depends on individuals completely. Some individuals are too confident to decide that they will be able to get their tasks done in the last minutes and sometimes they even complete it prior to due date although by doing it on the very last moments causes stress and anxiety which is not fit for their health. While some individuals are excessively afraid to face their failures and decides to purposely delay their tasks by fooling themselves and end up not completing their tasks and even if they do get it done on time the possibility is that they could not have given their best.

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Procrastination can happen when one is too lazy to actually get up and complete their tasks and responsibility, they are too busy to rather focus on useless tasks and delay important activities reason being laziness, lack of energy and so on.  It is a human nature, people get distracted easily and the most important fact is that these people are the ones who have not yet decided their end goals and achievements and are distracted for not-so important activities and they end up regretting their decisions in the end.

Procrastination should be controlled from early age or else it can become a habit of delaying your work for no particular reason and it all starts when you put off your studies or homework or by leaving whole syllabus for only one day before exam by saying “this will not take as much of the time, I will get back to it later” these all can lead to procrastination and can cause a disturbance in your after school / college life when you will be facing practical problems.

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If you are too burdened, stressed or having difficulty in completing your tasks then do it step by step rather than procrastinating and end up doing it absurdly. To stop procrastination make a strict schedule for yourself and try to follow that, set some rules for yourself or you can change your work environment or how you do things for a better change, all this does not mean that you are not allowed to give yourself a break of-course you do, everyone deserves rest but too much rest can also lead to procrastination, lack of energy gives you the motivation to just lay around couple of minutes more.

To sum up everything that has been stated so far, whether you are being distracted, afraid to face difficulties, lack of energy / motivation or whatever reason, does not matter what made you procrastinate your tasks as each of them will bring out the negative result and will have an impact on your health, profession, studies and your personal life and skills. In the end it is nothing but your loss.

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