Essay on Robot

Robot is a machine and a perfect way of explaining robot would be “a machine instructed to control series of actions by its own / automatically, managed either by internally or externally”. Robots have made human life easy by performing the tasks which were supposed to be completed by humans and they are doing so by flawlessly.

Robots are versatile and can be reprogramed by human intelligence, they are mainly used for transferring stuffs from one place to another for instance tools, devices and so on. They are guided to carry variety of tasks and all those things that humans are capable of doing. Technology has taken over the world which is a good thing as a lot of tasks that are difficult for human beings to do are easily controlled by robots although it has negative side as well.

Robots have already changed our lives so much and in future around 2060 imagine the influence this kind of technology will have, robots have already replaced humans whether it is a task for the land or sea people prefer robots to do it and due to that another issue is on rising which is unemployment rate, it is rapidly increasing with time.

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People are enjoying this new easiness of life but they are going to regret it at some point of their life when there will not be many opportunities for the people who are unsure about their life and their choices, they will have no choice but to choose difficult route for their future.

No doubt robots have positive impact as well, robots can be really productive. They can be used to produce vast amount of goods in a single time, less wastage of goods, time saving, money saving and what not. The use of robots in this century is high and people rather prefer robots to do their difficult tasks so they do not have to be held responsible for any misconduct that might occur.

Almost every business place is now depending on robots, even people are dependent on robots for instance some people in hospitals are using them to get people in need to move and walk, help them get better even surgeries are now done by robots now that is something fascinating. Schools, colleges etc. everything is surrounded by robots.

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Restaurants are now getting advance day by day and starting to use robots instead of waiters to serve food which is very unique, efficient which also avoid silly mistakes like spilling etc. maybe that’s the reason why people prefer robots over humans. But even if robots have taken over human race they will still need humans to control those robots as they cannot perform every job of human which works for both ways in the end.

However, to sum up everything robots work better and accurate than humans and regarding their business to get acknowledged and to be on top they have to become competitive and for that to happen one must be aware of what are the wants / needs of their audience.

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