Essay on Vaccination

Vaccination simply helps every other individual to get away from deadly and contagious diseases and make the immunity system strong enough prior to when you get sick to fight those diseases and stop them from spreading. Even babies receive vaccine shots to protect them from dangerous diseases for instance Hepatitis B, tetanus, pertussis and many more.

Everyone must be vaccinated to stay healthy and to also let everybody stay healthy as some diseases are contagious. It is a very crucial step that everyone must take for the health’s sake.

In 2019, a contagious and deadly disease called Corona Virus took over the world and it is still spreading in 2021 even though a vaccination has been launched not so long ago for this disease but people are more afraid of its vaccination than the virus itself because of some absurd rumors people have circulated about this vaccine so they are a little confused and misunderstood although those people who have received vaccination are doing just fine and did not show any side effects of it.

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People should educate themselves a little about how vaccination works and it would be best for them to not believe or spread any rumors which they are not sure of.  There are several ways of receiving a vaccine; some are given by injections on your arms, some are given by mouth or sprayed into your nose.

Does not matter in what way you receive your vaccine the point is that through vaccine a germ is inserted in your body which produces antibodies that might stay in your body forever. Your body will be able to fight off the disease if you are ever exposed to any of them without you actually getting the disease.

There are suggested vaccinations for every age of a person for children, infants, teenagers and adults. It is a duty of every person to get vaccinated. Some vaccines are given at a same time which can be sometimes dangerous for children, it will be too much dosage for a child to bear although some are given time to time prior when child get to 6 years of age.

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Of course, people with medical issues and infants below 2 months are ought to avoid getting vaccination other than them everyone must be vaccinated. Few people might get mild side effects after receiving vaccination that involves swelling in the area of injection or redness etc. that is because some people are more sensitive as of others serious side effects rarely happen to anyone although doctor’s recommendation prior getting vaccination is a must for such people.

However, we can conclude that vaccination is crucial for every person for strong immune system in order to protect a human body from any future illness or any kind of infections even though not all of the diseases can be exterminated by vaccination that completely depends on what kind of vaccination you have been given. Vaccines saves people’s lives and there is no harm in getting yourself and your loved ones vaccinated.

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