Expository Essay on Marketing Example

Sample essay on marketing. This is an expository essay that informs us about the evolution and importance of marketing today and what its objectives are.

Title of the essay: “The evolution of marketing and its current relevance”

Type of essay: Expository essay

Length: 423 words

Topic: Marketing

Since the first civilizations, it has been in the constant development of communication resources. Understanding this process is essential to define marketing, which is to identify the needs and desires that characterize a group of people. Its conceptualization has only been possible after important paradigm changes, which I will analyze roughly to understand the relevance of marketing in today’s world.

Initially, it was wanted to show as an axis of society irrational ideals or intangibles. So that later, in the middle of the Renaissance, the ideological current of Humanism appeared, which finally came to consider that everything revolved around a man. Later, science was implemented that complemented the study of the human mind; focused on psychology. In this way, it was possible to conclude that the purchase was not driven by reason, but was derived from unconscious forces.

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Almost always the process of selecting a good, service or product, is relatively automatic and is the result of variables that the marketing studies meticulously; such as the history of a nation or the neurophysiological characteristics and context of the individual. It is also often considered that the emotional system is the first force that acts on mental processes, therefore determines the purchase decision.

With the aforementioned, there is a dilemma about the structuring of advertising messages, since they must have the appropriate elements to persuade the target audience. At this stage, it is essential to carry out market research, which represents the most important marketing tool. Basically, it consists of determining which measuring instruments are the most appropriate, based on the information that is sought. The most used methods are the observation and design of surveys, which allow having a better knowledge of how to satisfy the client.

Another objective of marketing is to provide the necessary data on the competition, controlling the possible threats that may arise. This is essential for the success of any product, service or company, as consumer preferences are susceptible to change and brand positioning is never stable.

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The relevance of marketing has increased dramatically in recent decades. This is a consequence of globalization, which brings with it a series of sociological and cultural changes worldwide. The exaltation of individuality and the growing prominence of the media demonstrate the importance of conducting more rigorous research to establish the true needs and preferences of a particular market.


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