Essay On Leadership Qualities

With good leadership comes organization’s / group’s success. Leader is the one who motivate others for the betterment of the organization, who never lose hope no matter what situation they might be in, becomes a role model for his followers. A good leader can be recognized by his actions, a leader never blames others for his operations and take credits of others and if he does then he is not a good leader he is the weak one. The best qualities a leader must have is self-confidence, good communication and many more.

A leader should have strong self-confidence if he lacks self-confidence, is unsure about every situation or decision then how can he expect his followers to trust him and his decision, it will lead the followers to think that their leader is not qualified and does not deserve to be one, your own followers will doubt their leader. Good communication is essential for a leader as, if he is not conveying his message correctly then it can create some significant issues; a good leader would avoid poor communication.

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Other qualities of a good leader are being honest with his followers if he is not honest with his people then he will not be able to gain their trust, people don’t like working with someone who is not trustworthy. A leader gaining the trust of his people will surely have a positive effect on the performance of his followers. A good leader has a quality of decision making, making right decisions is very important because if the leader lacks in decision making then no matter how hard his team give their best to achieve the goals of the organization it will not matter. With good decision-making quality a leader guarantees the success of the organization.

A good leader motivates / inspires his followers, by doing so will enhance the work performance of the team and sustain a good, stress free environment. By pressurizing the team, a leader cannot anticipate a satisfactory result, a good leader makes things convenient for his followers as they all are working for a common goal. A leader ought to be an innovator, creative in what he does and risk taker, a good leader is innovative, creative and knowledgeable and with these qualities he makes sure that the organization gradually extends with time and is standing out the competitors. Leaders have to forecast the outcomes for awareness, nobody knows what is going to happen in future and a leader must be prepared for whatever crisis or difficulty comes in his way and for that he must take risks. A leader becomes successful when he takes risk for long-term success, without risks the organization can never become better it will remain the same which is more frightening.

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Although we can conclude that leadership is about consideration, dedication, humbleness, keenness, togetherness and whatnot. Leader gather all the qualified individuals to work in a group to achieve common goals, leaders influence the life of others.

“The key to successful leadership is influence, not authority.”

-Kenneth Blanchard

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