Essay On Sexual Assault On College Campuses

Sexual assault is a very significant problem that doubtlessly most of the people have faced once in their life. It is a problem that needs to be fixed as soon as possible but nobody not even our Government show any interest in this matter. Sexual assault on college campuses are a public issue and it is rapidly increasing day by day which is ought to be addressed and people should take quick actions on it as it is a very serious affair. Some victims feel violated and never talk about it but some face it with bravery and make sure the one who did wrong get punished.

Men and women experience sexual assault in colleges either by their teachers or fellow class mates. Victims most of the time shows courage to talk or report it to the management with hope that they will take action about this matter but unfortunately most of the times management try to bury the situation to protect its college reputation rather than defending the victim and make sure that it never happens again. It is their responsibility to protect its students or even teachers if they are the victims but we don’t see it happening. There are cases where teachers have sexual desires for their female and male students, students are being threatened by teachers that if they did not do what they are told then they will get an “F” in their paper they are literally playing with their future as if it’s not a big deal, and when they try to report it the management, the management will shush them down and this is one of the reasons why most of the victims don’t raise their voices about their incident because they know that nobody cares about anyone as long as it is not happening to their daughters/son or to themselves. People are committing suicide because they cannot find any justice, people who did wrong are roaming around freely while the sufferer have to hide because people pretend like it is their fault that they got sexually assaulted by someone.

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Colleges prioritize their campus reputation rather than the safety of the students/teachers, the justice system has failed to keep the victim safe and above all favoring it, unless the case goes viral, the victim does not get justice. Most of the victims of sexual assault are “women” they are sexually assaulted literally anywhere whether it is on bus, uber, market, or college it does not matter for the attacker where the place is they just do whatever they feel like it. Meanwhile the survivor gets emotionally and mentally weak it effects them wholly physical as well as mental. They experience depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, post-traumatic stress, hopelessness, self-blame, trust issues and much more that can’t be described in words. This happens when the victim survives which happens rarely.

College campus should have policies that highlight clearly that if any report of sexual assault done by anyone does not matter what position or power he holds he will be punished accordingly by the law. It is the responsibility of college campus to provide a safer environment for everyone. And even if no one stands with the survivor, then remember you have a voice, make yourself heard. There is no shame in being a survivor, the shame is on the aggressor.

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