Essay on Advertisements

Advertisement is a mean of communicating business information, for the purpose of selling and promoting the product or services. There are various ways in which advertisement can be done, for job, people also advertise for marriages, for lost people or pet. It is an informative channel people use for letting others know about their work and as the world has now become so competitive so people advertise in their best way to convince others why they should choose you.

With the technology people have today has made things a lot easier, advertisement now is managed smoothly as compared to the traditional way of advertisement which was advertisement through newspaper, magazines, billboards, radio and people writing and pasting posters on the walls of buildings. The best way of advertisement currently is television and media they are the fastest way of spreading the information, people get updated within seconds. Television media is also the most expensive as it contains both oral and written advertising technique. The internet has spread so much almost everyone is on internet so people have this opportunity to use it for advertising and within a short period the information spread to millions of people.

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Businesses also prefer huge banners on buildings and graffiti on trains and buses. They are spending huge amount of money on advertisement even if the advertisement on television is hardly 15 seconds long with great quality, they all are trying their hard to be the best among their competitors, to get attention of people and to be on top. Advertisements are designed with such creativity that it attracts customer’s eye immediately. Does not matter if the business is small or large, advertisement plays a significant role in both, it has become necessary for businesses to advertise because it is the only way to overcome your competitors. The reason why it is so significant is because only through advertisement people get to know about the existence of goods and services in the market, there are a lot of companies who produces the same product as you do so to defeat your competitor you have to target your potential customers and influence them towards your product / services.

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Everything has its pros and cons and same holds for advertisement. Everyone is competing with one another in this platform of advertisement, and advertising things that should not have to be advertised. In this race of competing and being on top thing, they are confusing and fooling the innocent people. The public is muddled in what to buy and end up buying things which they do not even need, and the most serious con of advertisement is public figures like celebrities who has an influence on people are used by businesses to advertise cigarettes, alcohol, fairness creams and so on which has a bad impact on public specially children.

However, we can conclude that advertisement has a great impact on the general public and advertising only positive and effective goods and services would be great. Advertisement give awareness to public about their brand / goods / services which is beneficial for the business when the customers invest in it. Through advertisement companies have the opportunity to build an identity. By the right way of advertising even a small thing can be made large.

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