Full scholarship to study in Poland FREE!

Full scholarship to study in Poland FREE!

Have you ever dreamed of traveling to a country that is recognized for its history? Well, in this article I bring you the solution.

Poland is distinguished as one of the countries with the most historical centers and with the oldest and most beautiful buildings in all of Europe.

In addition, every year this warm country offers foreign students a large number of scholarships in Poland for different levels and areas of study; however, here I bring you the most complete scholarship for master’s studies in Poland.

I recommend you read in detail the benefits and requirements of this scholarship since it is only available for certain areas of knowledge and only some Latin American countries can apply.

Let’s get started!

Why study in Poland?

  • There are a wide variety of scholarships in Poland
  • Living in Poland will allow you to travel easily and cheaply to other countries such as Hungary, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, and many more.
  • The education of the Polish country has been recognized around the world since in recent years Poland has managed to place itself in the top 10 of the PISA tests worldwide.
  • The health system is free for citizens of the Polish country and for those from the European Union. In addition, more than 91% of the population has health insurance.
  • You will be able to visit all the romantic architecture of the Polish country since the territory still has hundreds of old churches, but with their beauty intact.
  • The citizens of Poland have been classified among the most educated in Europe since they have a great interest in the arts such as theater, opera, ballet, or music. In this way, you will find countless museums, theaters, and cinemas in most cities of the territory.
  • You can visit the most touristic and emblematic places in all of Poland such as the Wieliczka salt mines, Malbork Castle, Ojców National Park, the Skalki Twardowskiego Oasis, and Zakrzowe, among others.
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So if you want to know the wonderful architecture and lifestyle of this warm country, I recommend you keep reading because here I bring you the most comprehensive and generous scholarship to study for a master’s degree in Poland at very low costs.

Scholarship in Poland: Banach

Banach is part of the scholarships in Poland available for foreigners

Offeror: the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange together with the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


  • Monthly maintenance of 320 euros; however, this subsidy can increase € 108 during the first and last month of studies.
    Exemption from enrollment in public universities on Polish territory.
  • Exemption from enrollment in public universities on Polish territory.
  • You can study Master’s programs in certain areas of knowledge such as Engineering and Technical Sciences, Agricultural Sciences and Natural Sciences.


  • Be a national of one of the eligible countries
  • Not having dual Polish citizenship.
  • Have an undergraduate or bachelor’s degree in areas such as Engineering and Technical Sciences, Agricultural Sciences, Exact Sciences, or Natural Sciences.
  • Not having a master’s degree.
  • Fluent in English (B2) or Polish (B1).
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Application process: online through the official website of the scholarship.

Application deadline: June of each year.


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