20 Examples of Natural and Artificial Substances

It is possible to classify all known matter into natural substances and artificial substances according to its origin. The term “substance” means that they are substances with a fixed and defined chemical composition. Substances are made up of atoms or molecules , and cannot be separated using physical separation methods (they are not mixtures). Natural … Read more20 Examples of Natural and Artificial Substances

Should I Consolidate My Federal Student Loans?

Federal student loan consolidation can help you manage multiple monthly payments to multiple servicers. If, like the vast majority of college graduates, you acquired student loan debt through federal student aid, you likely have more than one loan, which means more than one bill. Trying to juggle all of them can quickly get confusing and … Read moreShould I Consolidate My Federal Student Loans?

16 Online Degree Programs From Top Universities

According to data compiled by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), 16.6% of all U.S. higher education students (about 3.3 million) in fall 2018 were enrolled in institutions offering exclusively distance education courses. More than 35% were enrolled in hybrid institutions that combine distance education and in-person instruction, a class that includes some of … Read more16 Online Degree Programs From Top Universities

What is Critical Race Theory?

This theoretical framework offers a more complete historical perspective and a better context for understanding the present. History is a very active social science, in previous articles we have talked about its ability to self-analyze and rewrite itself. Research, perspective, new data and readings are crucial in the construction of historical becoming. Elements such as … Read moreWhat is Critical Race Theory?

Core Personal Values List and Examples

The values are the principles by which a person, a group or society is governed. Values ​​are abstract concepts, but they manifest themselves in qualities and attitudes that people develop. For example: self-control, compassion, openness, integrity. In a society there are differences in values ​​between different groups, according to social classes, ideological orientations, religion and … Read moreCore Personal Values List and Examples