Complaint or Claim Letter Example

Tips and examples to write a letter of complaint or claim.

We have all ever paid for a service or product that left us dissatisfied, or that for some reason does not comply with what we were promised. But, according to various studies, only 4% of dissatisfied customers take the trouble to write a complaint or claim letters.

Those who do, often get compensation for their discomfort, and even get the money back they have invested.

We share with you some advice on how to write a letter of complaint or complaint, in addition to an excellent example of a letter that – we attest to it – gave good results to the person who wrote it.

Complaint or Claim Letter

Writing a complaint letter or a claim letter may seem like a simple task, but it is not.

In many cases, the tone, the words, the forms we use when writing the letter, will condition its result.

We share here some tips on how to write a complaint letter:

  1. Never write the complaint or claim being angry and irritated, because you will only succeed in negatively altering the recipient. Insulting is not a smart way to achieve something. Take your time, think carefully about what you will say when you write your complaint letter, study what are the points you have in your claim, and then try to also think about what things could play against you when making your complaint.
  2. Be clear on what you want to communicate in your complaint or claim letter. If you are not very good at writing, ask someone else to read your letter to see if they understand what you want to convey.
  3. Watch your spelling and grammar. If you submit a letter of complaint or claim with faults, nobody will take you seriously, because they will believe that you are an uneducated person, and uneducated persons are rarely respected in the “concrete jungle” in which we live today.
  4. Convey confidence in your letter. Don’t say you think you’re right … Prove it! It requires that you be compensated for the damage to the service or product you purchased.
  5. Find out which consumer protection associations protect your claim. Know well before writing the letter of complaint or claim, because -and always remember- the information is power.
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Example / Sample Complaint Letter or Claim Letter

Buenos Aires, December 28 , 2015

Mr. (s) Store Grande
Att. Mr. Luis Perez, Central Att Branch Manager
. Mr. Gustavo Staffa, Purchasing Supervisor


I am motivated by my disagreement with the after-sales service that Tienda Grande presents to me when there is a failure in the lacquering of a fruit cabinet purchased on January 7 of the current through your online shopping service. (shipping no. 123456789)

On January 7, I contacted Tienda Grande to acquire the furniture, which was timely delivered on the same day with a shipping cost of $ 50.

On the occasion of my telephone purchase, and prior to my decision to acquire it, I consulted with garden staff (where the call was transferred to me) if it was possible to purchase any extra basket since I wanted to replace the bottle rack with a basket, to which I They reported that they were easy to get, that surely at Mario Hardware Store there would be.

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I acquired the furniture and coordinated the assembly with the assembler Gonzalez, contact provided by Tienda Grande, for January 10, which was postponed for January 11 due to rain.

After having the armed furniture I was trying to get an extra basket, but I found that there are no such baskets in the square; I even went to Tienda Grande de Buenos Aires Shopping to check the possibility of buying a basket of some failed furniture, before which they did not know how to inform me and I did not achieve the functionality I needed in the furniture.

Today I made the telephone claim since, yesterday, when passing a damp cloth to the furniture, the lacquered door was flaked.

Upon my complaint, Mrs. Maria Benitez of the Central Branch, informs me that Mr. Gustavo Staffa, Purchasing Supervisor, decided that the client had to move the furniture, or at least the door, to Tienda Grande Centro so that the fault could be evaluated , or that, if it is a Large Store who removes the furniture from my house, I must pay $ 50 for freight.

Unfortunately I do not have a means of locomotion or possibilities to move to Tienda Grande with the furniture, nor does it correspond to me to take it apart to move the door.

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My work schedule is quite extensive and when I arrive at my house I must attend to my triplets of 9 months, so it is very difficult for me to take a bus with my three children and the furniture to take it to Tienda Grande, when the failure is due to a factory defect which, obviously, does not arise in the first days of use of the article but is generated, as in this case, when the furniture is subjected to cleaning.

My decision to purchase online was due to the excellent service of Tienda Grande in terms of delivery, and its reputation for product quality and customer service. Actually this after sales service that I find today is not what I expected to receive from Tienda Grande.

I appreciate that the subject is evaluated, considering that it is impossible for me to move an armed piece of furniture, and that it is not appropriate for me to disassemble the piece of furniture to remove the door. I hope to have your support and can give me a solution to this problem.

I await your prompt response and thank you in advance for the attention to my request.

Lic. Maria Disconfor Albez
Tel. (555-2) 556-123-778

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