Authorization Letter Sample

Tips and models to know how to write an authorization letter.

The authorization letter is not the most common, much less.

Therefore, when we face the task of writing an authorization letter, we do not have a sample or guidelines on how to do it.

But here we present you with interesting information and a sample authorization letter.

Letters of authorization are used to enable another person on our behalf to take an action that we should otherwise take personally.

Sample authorization letter

In general, the authorization letters are valid before the law for those activities that cannot harm the person represented in their economic interests.

Nor are they valid for those actions that can induce a crime.

A form of authorization letter must include the identity document of the person represented and the representative.

It is likely that the representative will also be asked to register his signature, which must coincide with that of the identity document.

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This type of resource is very useful in case they send us a parcel, for example, and we are not in a position to receive it or proceed to withdraw it.

It is also valid when a student who lives far away wishes to enroll in a University, being able to send someone with an authorization letter to complete the procedure.

The authorization letter can also allow us to access a public tender, if this resource is enabled, for those people who for some reason cannot move to the central office to present the corresponding documentation.

However, it is a tool that should be used with extreme caution, as it can be used by scammers or people who, with bad intentions, offer to do paperwork for others.

Therefore it is important to review the current legislation on the subject before enabling this resource.

The body of a model authorization letter will not say anything very different from:

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Date, city

To whom it May concern:

I, (name of the representative), owner of the identity document number (document number), authorize (name of the representative), owner of the document number (document number), to perform (processing) on ​​my behalf.

Full name of the represented.


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