Essay on Artwork

Art is the most amazing and most relaxing thing to do on earth. Art is everywhere and anywhere if looked with a peaceful and creative mind. Every morning we see sunshine and enjoy it but some draw or paint it to cherish it which is relaxing. Art is a significant part of our life and it has lived as long as humans have.

Art has been created, enjoyed, looked at and criticized for thousands of years. Creating art is a way of expressing their emotions such as joy or sadness. Children learn how to draw because it gives them pure joy before they even learn how to speak properly to show their emotions or communicating on a piece of paper.

Art is not only limited to painting but it is actually a skill that applies to music, dressing, dancing, poetry, sculpting and even in preparing food. Everything we do consists of art we understood right which is why art is said to be universal because it can be found everywhere.

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Art is a way of translating people’s emotions, it is the best way to feel relaxed and peaceful. Art can cure depression, anxiety and put a meaning in people’s lives and that is the reason art is also considered to be therapy and many therapists use art to relax their patients.

Way into the history we learn that art was created through some valuable materials. Some used Ivory, Gold and even gemstone that they adorn on crowns. The paints used in the ancient times were also made from the materials that were very rare, they used to ground them into pigments and then used it as a paint which makes the artwork very valuable for the ancient times.

The most beautiful thing about art is that it is not perfect, it keeps growing and changing from time to time according to emotions, thoughts and human capacities. It gives us an innovative way to view the world differently.

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Music is also considered as an artwork, we consume a lot of song or music videos because they relax our minds, makes us feel peaceful and brightens up our saddened thoughts. It also strengthens our emotions and motivates us that why whenever we are sad or feel depressed we listen to music.

Art in today’s world is the least appreciated in a form of career. It is appreciated the way it should be and people practicing art are criticized daily for their incompetence but from the way I think that they are most genius people today, they appreciate art, they understand art and live with it their whole life. With art people communicate, it shares the history, the culture and so much about the artists itself.

Art is uniquely creation by humans that helps us understand our past and makes us see the people who are different from us, it also makes us see ourselves. It makes us see beauty of this world, if there were not any art we would not have appreciated the beauty of this world or beauty of anything around us.

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