Argumentative Essay on Ethics Example

Sample essay on what ethics is. This is an argumentative essay that helps us understand what ethics is and its importance, as well as what is its role in everyday life

Title of the essay: What is ethics and what is its role in everyday life?

Type of essay: Argumentative essayEssay on Ethics

Length: 412 words

Topic: Ethics

The development of every human being consists in its growth from certain situations that will occur in the course of his life, which will allow him to learn from his mistakes and correct them in one way or another. This process will be more effective when emotions are involved, as well as the ability to associate their own experiences with social ones. Thus, one of the most important roles in perception is occupied by ethical values, which define our personality and the way we see the world.

Taking into account the aforementioned, it is important to define what ethics is and what is its relevance in everyday life. Basically, it is a philosophical discipline that is responsible for studying the differences that exist between actions that are considered correct and wrong. Its main objective is to identify the customs and norms that regulate people’s behavior. This is what is known as moral, which represents a set of values ​​that are indispensable for harmonic coexistence within society.

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In a practical sense, both concepts can be considered synonymous, but they are also often used together to reinforce their meaning and importance. In this way, we find that ethical values ​​must be instilled from an early age, both in schools and in the family. Teachers and parents have an obligation to teach children how they should behave, not through rules that are imposed and seem punitive, but helping them to differentiate good and bad through rationing.

In everyday life it is essential to develop an ethical thought to achieve success on a personal level, so that one’s own benefit and that of society will not conflict. The problem with all this is when the rulers and other public figures carry out questionable actions that set a bad example. This makes them valid references that are imitated, creating an unstable society that leads to cases of injustice and corruption.

The challenge of every country is to abandon the trivialization of ethics, since even the courses that seek to deepen their study are considered unimportant by students. The only way to solve this situation is through positive influence from the first years of life, creating messages in the media, at home, and in schools, whose goal is to exalt the ethical values

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