How to Write a Motivation Letter

Learn to write a motivation letter.

The motivation letter is not only the indispensable document for any job search (when “motivating” a company to hire us), but it is also recommended for:

  • Enroll in some schools or university studies.
  • Get access to some formations.
  • Support a recommendation from another person, etc.

For spontaneous applications, the motivation letter can be sent alone to convince the interlocutor that an interview is needed.

Parts of Motivation Letter:

The crucial points of the general presentation of your motivation letter should follow the following rules:

Indispensable :

  • Your personal information.
  • A specific recipient.
  • On a white non-squared sheet.
  • A pleasant and respectful tone.
  • Date and signature.
  • Impeccable spelling and grammar.
  • Air the presentation (spaces between paragraphs, margins, etc.).

Avoid :

  • Write motivation letters of more than one page (do not bore the recipient).
  • Repeat your curriculum data or academic history.
  • Present cross-outs, visible corrections or leaves with spots or imperfections.
  • Present trivialities.
  • Use negative expressions or words.

Handwritten or written on a computer?

If the handwritten motivation letter seems less used today with the increase in online applications, it can still be requested for applications sent by mail.

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It can also be requested later, during recruitment.

In any case, always send your letter of motivation written on a computer and correctly printed in black and white.

Do not, for example, write the letter for a friend, because it could harm you later.

Try simply to choose a readable and clean letter.

Yes it is important that you give it to a trusted acquaintance to correct your faults and make sure that what you want to communicate through the letter is understandable.

Samples of motivation letters

Motivation Letter – Sample No. 1

For -….…….


Budapest, January 24, 2008

Dear Company,

I am …………. and I have read the ad you are looking for ………. for your office ………

Having finished my studies of …………. at the university ……………, I am now looking for a job.

The language (language) has been present in my life since I was a child and I continue to use it continuously, day after day.

I would like an occupation within the framework of which I can put into practice my knowledge of your language. And, in that way, achieve success for both the company and myself.

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I like tasks that are challenging and require creativity. For this reason, I believe that I can incorporate perfectly into your team.

I have experience in the area of ​​………….., I communicate easily with people and I know how to establish a courteous and constructive relationship with clients.

I would like to expand my special knowledge, I learn quickly and in a very short time, I am able to assimilate the necessary subject matter for a given task.

I hope you have managed to motivate your interest towards me and that my curriculum pleases you.

With the certainty of receiving news from you soon, I say goodbye.

Julio Perez


Motivation Letter – Sample No. 2

Dear Sirs:

Thanks to the opportunity offered to me with this scholarship, I would like to do an internship in the ………. sector in (country of destination).

I am a student of …………. degree course)…………..

As you can see in my curriculum vitae, I have previously done an internship in …… I currently attend courses in my specialty in …………

In addition, I am currently working in ………… as ………………

Next I want to offer you an impression of me and my reasons for wanting to do an internship in your company.

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As I said, I would like to do an internship in the sector of ……… in (destination country), since I want to gain more experience.

I prefer jobs in ……….., but I would also be open to working in ……………..

I have been learning (relevant languages) for some time now and I am aware that a language is only learned deeply when you are in the country where that language is spoken.

As it was not possible for me to learn this language at school, I have learned it on my own, since I have always wanted to know better the culture and customs of that country.

During my stay I would like to become a part of your culture and learn as much as possible about your society.

In my opinion, I know that I have both professional and human qualities to be able to work in your company.

Thanking you in advance for your collaboration, I say goodbye,

Tim Burd

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