Argumentative Essay on Death

An example essay about death. This is an argumentative essay that shows us how to be thankful for death so that people begin to understand that every day has an incalculable value, and they begin to value life more.

Title of the essay: “The important role of death in the evaluation of life”

Type of essay: Argumentative essayEssay on Death

Length: 418 words

Topic: Death

Unlike other species, humans are aware of their existence, this ability allows them to be clear about their mortality, which is often rejected due to the fear it generates. In this way, several people seek comfort in certain religions, which promise redemption, reincarnation or other fanatic processes. However, it is necessary to accept that every person will die at some time, either by natural causes or unexpectedly. Only in this way can life be better appreciated.

The problem is that today there is an authentic thanatophobia, which represents the unjustified fear of dying. This has caused the same word “death” to be replaced in many vocabularies by euphemisms, in search of detaching it from sensations such as pain and suffering. While in ancient societies death was an essential part of the experience that constitutes the life cycle, and corpses were often kept in close proximity to homes. Now instead, it is decided to hide them and bury them as far as possible from the cities.

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The consumption of alcohol and other drugs, as well as work and leisure, have become tools to evade the tragic feeling and anguish that produces death. By transforming into a taboo, reflection and meditation on its inevitability have been left aside, a process that previously helped people to develop a greater appreciation of life. This also translated into prioritizing loved ones, enjoying every moment with them.

The new generations do not understand the fragility of their existence, and they usually waste time on little relevant activities that characterize this digital age. One way to combat this is through the literature of yesteryear, especially the works that focus on analyzing the human condition and the meaning of life. They are books that reveal the conflicts and fears that every person goes through as part of introspection, and that being experienced reveals a wisdom that can only be found by oneself.

Although the certainty of death may at first be somewhat frightening, it also makes it possible to understand that each day has an incalculable value. When this is clear, any individual comes to the conclusion that he must discard everything that is frivolous and superficial. As much as possible, time does not have to be wasted in any way and must focus on personal transcendence at different levels.

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